Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am so confused and annoyed and getting more so as I try to learn more about this whole AOhelL mess. I just got this reply from Magic Smoke...


AOL won't transfer your journal, you've got to take action yourself. You will be notified when that can be done.
All AOL Journals will be deleted by November 1st.

The journal will look different at Blogger, although you can tweak it.

I have put a few more entries on Magic Smoke which are useful.


If AOhelL is NOT going to transfer my entire journal then why did I read the following at Magic Smoke...
In case you haven't been reading my comments..

Some of my responses to users comments

To Paul, yes a copy of your journal will be made on Blogger. Your journal will still be available till Nov 1st. Also, the migration will be opened up to Journals users starting on or after Oct. 7th. We will be using this week to iron out any kinks in the process.

To Sherri - I would not worry about the migration too much. It should be fairly straightforward. Blogger will also have a helpdesk that you can send email to, if you have any issues and a live real person will respond and help out. So, all efforts have been made to minimize the pain.

To Yasmin (cayasm) and everybody else -
Your journals will be copied over in its ENTIRETY (entries, comments, about me). So, anything else you hear is not true.

And no, your email account is not affected by this at all as some have been suggesting.

I understand that people are upset and that is okay. However, I request you to be patient and understanding as we work thru this process.

I am beginning to think that NO ONE at AOhelL knows what the heck is going on! Surprise...NOT.


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ladymagnolia1963 said...


Sarcasim just for AOL   Ta-Da!

I was so afraid this was going to happen...Since AOLhell does not care about us OR what happens to our menial journal entries-that have made AOL journal what it is. They are going to bail on us! But hey what else can we expect from such a close knit family AOL has had us believe they were.

We are dispendable (sp?). Well, I guess the "wolves" can come out of hiding under the guise of the sheeps clothing aka wolf hiding in sheeps clothing.

But you know Jill will all find a way to stay together as a whole. I know it may take a lot of adjustment but we will all stick together.

Have you visited "Did I Say That Journal yet?" here is her link

She has started an AOL refuge group for all of us here on AOL journals. It will all work out-were all just stressed. Just remember we will get through this and still have all of our friends back together.

Big HUGS~Donna


Well the count down has begun. I wanted to make sure all the journals I have as my favorites gets my new url. My journal here was called "LadyMagnolia's Daily Blog."

My NEW on is called Dear Diary it's me~Donna