Thursday, January 18, 2007

Home Remedy-Athletes foot

These are home health remedies that have been emailed to me or that I found on the Internet.  I have not tried them all and do NOT guarantee the effectiveness of them.  If you try one and it works, or if you have one that works for you, please email me.  Thanks

Athletes Foot

  • Use cornstarch
  • Soak feet in very warm water with about one part white vinegar to four parts water, for 20 - 30 minutes, 2 times a day, until the fungus is no longer visible and irritating
  • Apply VICKS vapor rub over toes and affected areas before going to bed.
  • Apply Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to feet and between the toes after a shower or bath or any time your feet get wet.
  • Wash feet and dry thoroughly using any good bath soap. With hair dryer on high heat setting, dry feet well, especially between toes.  Get as close to feet as possible without burning.  If dressing afterwards always use clean dry socks. (preferably white cotton socks) Do this at least morning and evening. *This is supposed to cure the athletes foot and leave you with very soft feet.  Sounds a little "out there" to me, but I've read it at several sites.
I am doing fairly well today.  I was a bit frustrated yesterday.  I had gotten on, written a fairly good sized entry, hit save and up came the screen.  ::::That page is currently unavailable::::  "Arghhhhhhhhhh!"  So here I am, trying again today.  However, this time I am doing it the smart way.  Typing it in an email to myself first, and then I will copy and paste it into an entry. 
So let's see, what has been going on.  Well, on Tuesday Rylie slept until I decided I better go in and wake her up, which was at 1:30 PM.   She had gone to sleep the previous night at 11:00 PM.  That was 14 and 1/2 hours of sleep.  The thing that really got me concerned was the fact that her diaper was hardly wet at all.  Yeah, I was thinking dehydration.  I mean, I've been trying to make her drink juice, 7-up and Gatorade, but still...ya know?
So I called the doctors office and the receptionist told me to bring her in as soon as I could and they would just fit her in between appointments.  So Ray got home from work and we went right over there.  The nurse came out and took her temperature (normal) and weighed her (she lost 1/2 a pound since her appointment on Thursday).  Then took us back to a room.
Well, the doctor listened to her chest and heard wheezing.  He started to say something about Albuterol and treatments, but how expensive everything would be.  I told him that my older daughter has asthma and rarely uses her machine anymore and we could probably borrow it.  So he gave us a prescription for Albuterol and she is to do breathing treatments every 6 hours.
He re-checked her ears and said that she now has infection in both of her ears.  So he also changed her antibiotic from the chewable tablets to the liquid Amoxicillan.  He said it is stronger and will fight the infection better.  Then he had the nurse go and get us some sample bottles of Zyrtec.  She is to take one dose of that each night.
Well, as you can imagine the first time we tried to get Rylie to do a breathing treatment there was a lot of screaming and crying going on.  And that was just me....LOL, no really she didn't want anything to do with it at all.  If ya'll had been walking past our house that evening, you probably would have thought we were trying to kill her from the way she was screaming.  I just thought, "well, as long as she screams she is breathing and getting the medicine into her lungs".  I felt awful about it, but I knew we had to do it.
So the next morning when it was time to do it again, oh boy was I ever dreading doing it by myself with no one to help me try to keep her calm or distracted.  But lucky me, the wiggles were on.  YEA!  LOL  So I carefully approached the wild beast, um I mean the baby, and swooped her onto my lap with my right arm and holding the breathing device in my left hand.  At first, she got upset and started to whine.
Then I told her, "it's okay, Mommy is going to hold this way out here (about a foot away from her face) and you can just watch TV, okay?"  She was cool with that.  So she started to watch TV and I ever so slowly started to inch it closer to her face.  She looked over at me once and I said hey look what I can do, and then I blew into the mouth piece like it was a horn or something and made a funny noise.  She laughed and started to watch TV again. 
I put it within a few inches of her face now.  After a moment or two I saw her look at it.  She leaned a little closer and started to open her mouth.  No sudden moves...these little animals can frighten very easily.  Nope, she backed off.  A few seconds later, she moves back, opened her mouth, YES! YES!   She has the breathing treatment in her mouth and is being silly, blowing it and making funny noises.  Cool.  Well, for a minute there I thought she wasn't going to breath in, just blow out, but eventually she sat with it in her mouth and watched her Wiggles.  YEA! 
Here is the ironic part, LMAO, when the treatment was done she got mad at me for taking it away from her.  Can you beat that?  First she thought I was the most evil mother in the mid-west for making her do this, now she gets mad at me when I make her stop. 
Of course, I still have to find a way to get the Amoxicillan into her.  I can't force it down her throat, that just doesn't work, she gags, she spits, it is just a real ugly scene.  I try to slip it into her juice or soda, but she is onto me when I do that.  When I bring her the sippy cup, she practically inspects it.  Then she will take a teeny tiny sip and then look at the cup again and go "eww".  Ohmagosh!  This child is impossible. 
Yesterday morning I put it into warm cocoa, but I don't know if that lessens the effects of the antibiotic or what.  I just have to do whatever I can to get this medicine into her.  The doctor is a bit concerned with the fact that this is her second infection in just 2 months and the fact that her speech is a bit delayed.  He is talking about the possibility of tubes. 
He seems to think she has a hearing loss because Rylie doesn't seem to hear him.   Her dad and I don't see that.  She seems to be able to hear us and follow instructions just fine.  I think she is ignoring the doctor.  I don't know.  He wants us to take her for a hearing test, so I guess we'll do that and see what they say.  Better to be safe than sorry, ya know?
Well, thats about all for today, I guess.
Have a great day.


mastersblynn said...

I hope Rylie gets well soon!  I will try to think of a creative way to get her to take her medicine...I will let you know if I do...putting my thinkin cap on...xox Barbara

littlelady1699 said...

Do you have a simple way to clean {polish} silver goblets with out the use of chemichals???


bhbner2him said...

How unusual that Rylie doesn't like amoxicillan.  My kids think it is wonderful tasting.  I have a mask type attachment I use on Bug for treatments.  The first time, she was almost three.  I had to hold her tight in my lap with her head against my chest and sing songs to her the whole time.  I pray your little dumpling/monster is soon well.  -  Barbara