Friday, January 26, 2007

Rylie JoLee

I hate those mornings when I wake up with a headache.  Today is one of those days, ugh.  Yesterday was much better, even though I still seem to have this nagging cough and sore throat.  I woke up feeling pretty good.  Even Miss Rylie Jo woke up in a good mood.  Which is why, after her bath I grabbed the camera and started taking some pictures of the baby.
I know, I know...she is almost three and not much of a baby anymore.  However, considering that she is three and the oldest is 21, well she will always be referred to as the baby.  Poor thing, lol.  I can see her at 30 and her older siblings introducing her as the baby. 
So yesterday I pulled out this cute little plaid dress that I got for her around Christmas and asked if she wanted to wear it.  I figured it would be easy since we are trying to get her to wear big girl panties and go to the potty.  She got all excited and started clapping and saying "yeah, yeah".  (she still hasn't gotten her S's down)  So this is how cute she looked yesterday.

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She even left the little side pony tail in her hair for longer than 1/2 an hour.  Usually she yanks it out after about 15 minutes.  The ear infections really did a number on her system.  She still looks so pale and has those dark circles under her eyes.  But I still think she is cute as a button.

About half and hour after I had taken these pictures she came out of her room, where she had been playing with a wee bit of a problem.  Here's a picture of that.

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I guess she watched me curling my hair this morning and thought she could do the same thing with her little comb.  Ohmahgosh!  I thought I was going to have to cut that out of there for a minute.  But after about 10 minutes of gently pulling wee bits of hair this way and that, I finally got it out of there.

She also had a few other "wee" problems.  At one point she decided to put her cute little black Mary Jane's on.  Ahh, not such a great idea as the "wee" ran right down into her shoes.  I kept asking her "do you have to go potty?"  Or saying "Mommy's going potty, do you have to go?"  Sometimes she would come in and sit on her little chair, for a few seconds, usually she didn't want to. 

Not once has she pottied in her little toilet.  I'm not getting stressed about it though.  I mean why would she want to?  She has all these cool toys in her room to play with, important shows on the Disney channel to watch.  I understand that, in her mind, she can't be bothered with this potty business.  She likes the diapers, their convenient. 

This weekend I need to go and buy a new timer.  That is how I trained my others.  If they got to a certain age and still weren't potty trained, I used the timer.  I would set it for every 15 minutes the first day.  When it went off, it was time to try to potty.  The next day it was 20 minutes.  By the third day, usually, they were beginning to come and tell me they had to potty.  By the end of the week they were potty trained. 

Of course, there are the treats that I sometimes used.  But Ray is such a sugar hound and shares that stuff with Rylie that it really wouldn't be anything that special.  However, I do know that Rylie really, really loves money (pennies as she calls any coins).  So maybe I will go to the bank and get a few rolls of nickels and pennies.  Every time she sits on the potty she will get a penny, if she tinkles she will get a nickel. 

Hmm, that just might work.  Appeal to her greedy nature.  LOL  Ya'll think I am kidding.  But when it comes to money this child is really greedy.  This is a child that will walk over to her daddy when he gets home from work and try to get her hand in his pocket and take his change.  Then when he takes all the money is out of one pocket, she wants to check the other one to make sure he isn't holding out on her.  Seriously!

Speaking of "penny grubbing", lol...I kept a piggy bank and filled it with any spare change we had.  This past year I took Rylie and her piggy to the bank and we deposited it.  Let me tell you, she was none too happy with those folks when they brought her bank back to her empty.  So just from change and what not, she now has about $65 dollars in the bank. 

We've started refilling the little bank and after her birthday we'll probably go and make another deposit.  I figure when we get over $100 in there, I'll take out $100 and leave the rest to re-accumulate.  The $100 I'll transfer into Bonds so she can make more interest on her money.

Well, that is all for this morning.  Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

I'll see ya on Monday for sure, maybe before that.


pippa1116 said...

awwww.  my youngest was like that with potty training. she had to decide when it was time.  and she did.  all on her own.  but the idea with the timer sounds wonderful! I wish I had known about it!
have a great day and I hope you both continue to feel better!


memes121 said...

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for stopping by Down Home. I do so love company! As for the offer you made me I am always looking for new stuff to add to the About me section. It's hard to find things small enough to fit in without it over lapping. So, I welcome anything. Y'all come back now and stay a spell. You never know what you might find there. Oh and bring friends! We got plenty of room! Tammy

shawnaandtim said...

With Danielle we did the cookie and a book thing for potty training and we took her and let her pick out her own big girl panties, ...jsut a thought!! Good Luck!!

bhbner2him said...

She'll ALWAYS be your baby!!!  And she is adorable!  I like the piggy bank/bank/savings bond idea!  -  Barbara