Friday, April 20, 2007


Thank goodness it's finally Friday.  What a crazy week this has been.  I can not believe the events that have transpired over this past week, I am referring to the tragic murders which took place at Virginia Tech.

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I've been trying to get this graphic done so I could post it, but I just haven't had much time.  I had an idea of what I wanted this to look like in my head, but I didn't quite achieve what I wanted with it.

My oldest son, David, was supposed to close on the mobile home he bought on Tuesday.  However, the papers were incorrectly prepared so it was postponed till yesterday.  I went with him to the closing and then we went and bought some paint.  He had to go back to work yesterday and won't be able to get up here until sometime this afternoon.  So he left me the keys so I could go over and get some painting done. 

Ray's father continues to improve, thank you Lord, and will be transferred to a rehabilitation facility, after he is discharged from the hospital, to recupperate.  The progress is slow, but it is progress nonetheless and we are thankful for that.

Today my childrens high school has a number of the local police there.  It and two other local schools found threats written on the bathroom walls.  A stupid prank, I am sure, but better safe than sorry.  I am beginning to really dispise the society that we live in, where people attack one another (verbally and physically), where we can't seem to accept each other for being different.  Where violence just seems to be yet another byline on the evening news and we seem to grow more and more immune to the horror of the world around us.  Where innocent children are taken off the streets to be used, abused and killed by perfect strangers.  And worse yet, where parents abuse and kill their own children for no other reason than stupidity, ignorance or the selfishness of drug use.  Is there no place left that is a safe haven to raise a child?

Now I am beginning to feel selfish for bringing another child into this world that is so...ugh...just plain mean.  I feel as though I've done a dis-service to Rylie for having her after knowing about 9-11, the various high school shootings, the Oklahoma bombings...I could go on and on.  WHY?!  The violence doesn't solve anything!  Don't people realize that? 

I am so frustrated.  I need to turn off the news and not read the paper for awhile.  I need to surround myself with goodness for awhile.  I need to go to church this week.  I need a little "happy" in my life for awhile.

Wishing ya'll a beautiful weekend and nothing but goodness and happiness.
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littlelady1699 said...

I love your graphic!!! it 's perfect just the way it is!!

I agree with you about the world I would love to have a time machine to go back to a world where things were better ...1930's maybe? 0r the old west days

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