Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I know Rylie Jo's second birthday is 26 days away because today is the second anniversary of Dad's passing away.  He died in his sleep.  At the time, Mom was in the hospital due to comlications from her chemo and I was in Toledo hospital due to complications from the pregnancy.  What a strange time.  I can barely remember things, and it comes to me as a dream, kind of blurry around the edges. 

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So I made this for my dad.  May he rest in peace that it seemed he couldn't find here on earth.

May God bless you Dad.  Love, Jill

*Is the graphic showing up for anyone else?  It shows here on my computer, yet it doesn't show up on the ol' mans computer.  That's kind of spooky.

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dying4happiness said...

Aww sweetie, I didn't know you lost your father :(

Think happy thoughts think happy thoughts...cuz I order you too!

~Love ya!