Saturday, February 4, 2006

I find this particular young man absolutely Y-U-M-M-Y!!!! 

 Yep, that is my driver. I am a redneck woman, and I love my Nascar, lol.  Well, I'm not fanatical about it, I won't die if I don't see the race.  But Sundays usually find me watching the race.

And yes, I made the graphic.  Not too bad.  I've been having fun with it, and soon I will have an animated one uploaded on here.  It involves a particular Hot male country singer that I would love to have an opportunity to spank, lol.

Here is another one I finished this past week.

  I found the saying on Jessica's journal.  I really liked it and asked if I could snag it from her journal.  I am also using Image shack for storage now.  I am afraid that I am getting pretty close to max, and not sure what I want to delete yet.

Hee-hee, funny how my intials spell out a word.  Anyone elses intials spell a word?  Come on, share it with us.  Umm, without realizing it, I gave one of my children the intials CRP...umm, yeah, I just wasn't thinking when I named him.

Have a good weekend.  HUGS!

~Jill Marie   

There we go!  I got my honey all uploaded.  Now see what I mean?  Don't ya just wanna spank that bad boy?  LOL



orangekiss3 said...

hey hun...i tried to access your journal a few weeks ago but i was blocked. =(
Glad your public again!

orangekiss3 said...

BTW..Your Creations are getting to be VERY Snazzy! You are advancing at a very fast rate! I can't wait to see what your mind comes up with the more you practice! LOVE IT!

Oh and in response to a comment you left...My Main Journal "Pixie Dust Pages"..will never be deleted or go anywhere!

sugarsweet056 said...

Oh I love this, may i snag it?