Friday, January 27, 2006

Gonna need to go get more storage soon...

Well I had fun while Rylie took her nap today.  I continued to work with the pictures I took of her yesterday.  What fun!  And if I keep up at this rate, and making them as big as I did today, I am really going to need to go find more storage space for these things. LOL

Here is the first one I did this afternoon:


Hmmm, I might have added a bit too much color to her cheeks when I colorized the picture.  She's looking like she got into some make-up and went crazy.  LOL

And this is the next one I did.  I think I am going to print this one out.  I really like it.


Uh, yeah...that took me a while to get the picture to come up, so I am sure it is going to slow my journal down alot.  Oops.

Have a wonderful and safe Friday everyone!


~Jill Marie



thegirlnexdoor77 said...

What a sweetie pie.  TerryAnn

dying4happiness said...

Great job!


am4039 said...

Just beautiful you are doing a great job.  LOL now when she is older make sure you showed her what your posted on the computer. Thanks again for trying to help me with my counter I'll work on it again this weekend.

orangekiss3 said...

Seee your picking it up just fine! =)

sugarsweet056 said...

So adorable...good job!

dklars said...

Hi!  I got to your journal via a game of journal tag.  I'm on a quest to read new journals, it's one of those "Tag" games that goes around.  You are welcome to play along.  The rules are here:  Your journal link will be listed in my journal.

Your daughter is precious!  
Have a great weekend