Friday, September 22, 2006

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I don't usually do political stuff.  My journal is mostly filled with bits of cleaning advice, household tips and recipes.  However, this past week a certain bit of news has grabbed my attention and gotten my panties in a bunch.

I am referring to the arrest of Duane "Dog" Chapman.  I don't make a habit of watching his show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, every week.  But I have seen it several times.  "Dog", for those of you who don't know, is the man who went down to Mexico to track down and capture Andrew Luster in 2003.
Luster, the Max Factor heir, fled the U.S. while he was on trial for the rape of 3 women.  Unfortunately, bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico.  So Dog Chapman, his son, Leland and a co-worker named Tim were all arrested and released on bail.
Apparently there was some misunderstanding about whether they needed to return to clear the matter up.  Whatever happened, I don't care.  All I know is that they helped return a repeat rapist back to the U.S. so he could be put in jail to do his time.
As I said, I've seen the show on A&E several times and this is what I have learned about the man.  He's gone through his own chit in his life and has made something of his life.  He appears to be a caring man with a big heart.  He is a Christian and has no problem sharing that and the hope God can offer with those he is bringing back to police custody.  He reaches out to people when they are down and tries to offer them hope.
Should he have gone back to Mexico and dealt with this?  Yes.  However, I do not believe that this is a matter that our country should be pursuing in matters of extradition.  As I understand (from some of the articles I've read) if a country wants to extradite a person for something that is not considered to be illegal here in the United States, then our country is not required to extradite them.
My question is this, who needs who more?  Do we need the assistance of Mexico or do they need us more?  How much (financially) do you think they make off the U.S. tourists?  How much do you think they make off of exports to the U.S.?  I bet we pad their piggy bank with a quite a few pennies.
Me?  I'm boycotting.  I won't be going down to Mexico for any vacations (well, not that I could afford to anyway) and I will not be buying anything with a "Made in Mexico" tag.  Feel the same?  Snag my graphic and post it in your journal.  Thanks for listening while I stand up on this soap box and get the ranting out of my system.


pippa1116 said...

BRAVO!!!!! Very well said!

amyrangei said...

I totally agree with you!!!  I can't believe what they are doing to "dog"!!!  I will be borrowing your graphic for myspace and my journal!