Friday, September 1, 2006

Lovely thougths in my email today

This is a nice little message about positive thinking from Spark People that I got in my email today.
You can complain because roses have thorns. Or you can rejoice that thorns have roses.  ~Ziggy
The secrets of positive people

Positive people tend to have many similar characteristics, such as respecting everyone's contribution to a project and knowing during hard times that things will get better. They have the power to make that change happen, an understanding that their attitudes can directly affect outcomes, and a commitment to increasing positive thoughts and diminishing negative ones. Are you putting effort towards becoming a more positive person?
Avoid complaining when things are turning sour, realize that the negatives and the positives in life will level out, and take responsibility for your life and actions. You are the only person responsible for your attitude-and your life.
Oh I love that quote!  How very true.  Now I know that so many of us have had tragic things happen to us that may have affected our outlook on life.  And that is understandable.  But if I think about it, allowing our attitude and outlook on life to be affected in a negative way by these things gives control of our lives over to those that caused these things to happen.  How sad that we may have had our psyche affected in such a way. 
I don't want to give control of my life over to anyone, and certainly not anyone who has done me harm!  But what a wonderful way to get revenge!  To take back your life!  To say that you are the more powerful one now and that you are taking your life back.  Every moment of happiness for you can be a moment of triumph.  Even something as simple as enjoying some flowers can be a triumph.
Do it today, go out and buy or even pick yourself a little bouquet of flowers, bring them home, put them in a vase and put a card with them saying "I love you".  Sign it yourself, or think of it as a gift from God (flowers are actually a gift to us from him, right?).  I know I'm sounding really corny here, and you may not actually need to do the card part...but don't we all deserve a few flowers every now and then? 
I want to be one of those people that always seems to have a positive outlook.  I want to be able to look beyond the thorns so I can watch the rosebud open and enjoy the bloom.  I want to be thankful and happy for even the smallest of happy moments. 
Yeah, I live in Ohio and there is always a dormant period for the roses during the winter.  But I am always blessed with blooms come the spring.   If it weren't for that dormant period, I wouldn't appreciate the rose's as much in the spring.  I am thankful to God for the cold and dreary winter,  for without it I wouldn't get to have and enjoy the beauty of springtime. 
And my horoscope for today from the Daily OM...
September 1, 2006
Positive Impulses

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may be free from worldly concerns and mundane cares today. A feeling of overwhelming security can come over you suddenly, compelling you to cast off your worries and adopt an attitude of free-spiritedness. Since you are likely thinking about your life experiences in a broadminded way, adventure may be in the forefront of your thoughts. You may be inspired to take an unplanned journey where you allow life to take you where it will. Or you may simply feel driven to drop in unexpectedly to see a friend or relative. If you begin to deliberate the details of your spontaneous decision today, the excitement of the moment may be lost. You can retain your lighthearted impulsiveness by giving in to your sudden fancies when your intuition prompts you to do so.

Spontaneity can serve us well in life because it teaches us to rely on the insights we receive from our intuitive minds. When we are faced with split-second decisions, intuition can guide us toward those options that are not only thrilling but also life-affirming and conducive to personal growth. Many people find the process of making choices arduous because they pour over their options with such ferocity that they become incapable of settling their minds on a single course of action. When we act spontaneously, we assert our faith in our ability to know what is best for ourselves. As conscious stewards of our own destinies, we intuitively choose what is right. The free-spirited spontaneity you feel today can help you make the best use of your intuitive mind.

I don't know about anyone else, but whenever I do anything on tends to get me in trouble.  LOL  Of course, it usually is being angry about someone I love, or myself being attacked (verbally or emotionally) when impulse gets me into trouble.  Those are the times when I react on impulse and should probably stop and think about it first.

Other than that, I think that spontaneity has a place in our lives.  There are times when I wish I could be more spontaneous.  I have a tendency to think and plan too much when I should sometimes just go with the flow. 

Me?  I'm a list maker.  I make a list for almost everything in my life.  I want everything to be perfect.  Then when things don't go perfectly I get upset and I blame myself.  Ray could come home from work and tell me about his bad day and I will sit there and apologize to him for it, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry".  He will finally look at me and say "You don't need to be sorry, you didn't do it".  LOL

But to apologize for something that I was actually my fault?  LOL...that just doesn't happen.  I don't know, maybe because I am so tired of saying it for everything that I don't have any control over.  But when Ray and I argue, there are times that we have gone for 4 or 5 days without talkingto each other because neither one of use will apologize.  Silly, huh?

It is so much easier for me to apologize when I am not wrong but it is dang near impossible for me to aplogize when I am in the wrong.  I don't understand it and I'm not even going to pretend that I do.  It's just the way it is for me.  Ray knows this about me and somehow he has been able to live with me anyway.  In return, I let him tell his brothers that in our house he is "the boss", lol. 

Oh sheesh, I have somehow gotten completely off topic here.  LOL

Have a good day and a wonderful weekend!


reconcilinglife said...

I agree with what you wrote....I try to stay positive..the hard part for me is the unconcious decisions I make due to the first 16 years of my life. Going to my ACOA meetings really helps with that. bamnfla

pippa1116 said...

this is so appropriate for me and what is going on with me lately.  Thank you for this.  Tina