Friday, June 22, 2007

Samantha's graduation video

This is the graduation video that I made (with Davids help) for Samantha's graduation party.  I hope I am providing the correct link thing here...we'll see.

Okay, that doesn't look like I thought it's just a link.  Okay, let me try that thumbnail code and see what that does.

  Okay, I think that is the one I want.  I'll save and see what it does.

Well, that's basically just a link too.  I'll try that little aol add video thing and see what that does.  Well, poo!  Thats just a place to type a link thing. Isn't there a way to post the little video playing right in the journal? 

Okay, this is another code from Image Shack, we'll see what this one is...

[Upload your own video]

Okie dokie then, let's try this other one...Grrr.  I'm gonna try one more thing.  Nope, AOL won't let me upload an image shack video.  I'll have to go to you tube or one of the other allowed ones to try that.

Okay, uploaded the video somewhere else.  Let's see if this puts the player right into the journal.

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