Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cleaning tip--Getting rid of roaches

Mornin' Ya'll!  I hope none of ya ever need this little tip...but just in case, here ya go... 

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Roach Problem: Combine equal parts boric acid (a powder sold in hardware stores and drugstores) and sugar, mix well. Sprinkle in crevices and, if building or remodeling, between walls before putting up plaster board. Put the powder in jar lids; place lids behind the fridge and under sinks. Caution: Keep mixture away from children and pets. If ingested in large quantities, or even in small amounts over several days, boric acid can be harmful.
I am so glad I got an early start on Rylies room yesterday.  It was a real mess, seen and unseen, eww!  I took everything out of there, except the massively heavy dresser, pick up all kinds of "stuff", ran the sweeper and shampooed the carpet. 

Then I proceeded to put things back in...all the while Rylie was trying to "help" me.  "Aww, honey, please don't "help" Mommy today.  Be a good girl and do this or that for me...pleeease!"  LOL  The whole process ended up taking me several hours.  While I had the furniture out of the room, I wiped down the walls.  It seems I have a little Picasso on my hands and she prefers murals to canvas art. 

I also washed all the linens, including curtains and pillows.  And I wiped down some of her toys that had gathered a sticky toddler residue...ya know...when they spill this or that or wipe something on it...yuck!  Ya know...sometimes kids can be so gross, lol.

It didn't help that the water tank on the shampooer has developed a leak.  Yikes!  There I was trying to clean the carpet and the water was coming out behind the machine.  Dang it all!  So I ended up down on my hands and knees scrubbing and rinsing, and then soaking it up with the machine.  Oh well, whatever it takes.  Oh yeah..I've got to talk to my sis-in-law, who happens to be the owner of the shampooer.  Shhh, don't tell her just yet.  LOL

Well, have a fabulous Tuesday!

Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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