Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cleaning Tip--smelly shoes

Good Morning!  It is raining here this morning...blah...I hate when it's raining in the morning.  I wake up feeling tired.
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Smelly Shoes: Simply fill a tube sock with kitty litter, baking soda, or tea leaves; tie the end closed; and place the filled socks in the shoes when you're not wearing them. These "sachets" can be used over and over in any kind of shoe.
I made the cheddar biscuits last night for dinner.  They were okay.  Ray liked them, Rylie didn't care for them.  I think next time I'm going to try adding some garlic powder or garlic salt to them for some more flavor.
Today I'm going downtown to pick up my blood pressure meds and then doing some laundry and cleaning.  This afternoon I need to make a special dinner and cake for Rays birthday.  My little "old grandpa" love is turning 44 today.  It's kinda fun being the young love of an "old" man, LOL.
Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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