Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I need to vent, rant and b*tch a bit today.  A few weeks ago the ol' man decided to go online and find somewhere to download Karaoke songs so he could make his own CD's.  Simple enough, right?  Hm, well not really.
He found a sight online, called Desi's Karaoke, where he could sign up for $30 to receive unlimited song downloads, Video In AVI Format, Basic Guide (with graphics) Included, Access To Karaoke Songs Immediately(Bonus),  Instant Downloads, Unlimited  Support, Singing Fundamentals-How to Improve your singing voice (a bonus worth $13.00), Free- How To Copy CDG's To Your CD (Bonus).  Sounds great right?  Not at all!
When he signed up it was pay for the services through Pay Pal site, at least thats how it was a few weeks ago.  So he clicked the button and went ahead and paid for it with Pay Pal.  There was supposed to be a "digital download".  Absolutely nothing happened.  He thought he messed something up and did it again.  Again...nothing happened.
Well, not only did he receive nothing from Desi's Karaoke...but he was actually charged for receiving nothing at all TWICE!  He emails to the site and heard nothing back from them other than that stupid form letter telling him they would contact him within 24 hours...and they did NOT.  He tried to call them, got nothing but an answering machine.  He left messages there and still got no response from Desi's Karaoke Rip-off
He finally contacted Pay Pal and filed a dispute.  Did we receive our $60.00 back?  Nope.  Pay Pal says that Desi's tells them it was a digital download and we received it.  We did NOT receive anything, other than a screwing in the bum. 
Ray finally talked Pay Pal into refunding at least $30...why did they think we would download the same dang thing twice within 5 minutes?!  We have had to go to our bank to file a dispute of the charge by Desi's with them. 
Now Desi's has switched from Pay Pal to payment by "Google Account"...whatever that is.  I've never heard of it.  I am going to guess it is another scam by Desi's Karaoke to gain peoples banking information and rip them off in another way. 
We also found some more interesting information online about Desi's Karaoke.  There are some rip off reports about this site online.  Ahh, if only we had done some more research about this place before signing up for their fictional service.
Here's the part that blows my mind.  PayPal actually chose to believe this rip-off site rather than us. We told them everything that happened, how he hit the button twice because NOTHING happened...we received NOTHING!  We told them about the rip-off reports we found about this site online. 
They weren't even gonna return one of the $30 charges, after repeated phone calls and emails between paypal and the ol' man.  Yet he finally got ticked off enough to start raising his voice and kept saying "IF I GOT IT, WHY WOULD I HIT THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON AGAIN WITHIN A FEW MINUTES?!"  Finally one of the idiots he talked to at PayPal agreed to return one of the $30 stolen from us by DESI'S KARAOKE.
Now, if anyone else that has been ripped off by Desi's stumbles by, please leave a comment and tell me your story.  Two, if any of you know of a reputable site where the ol' man can go to download Karaoke songs to make CD's for our machine...please send me a link to the site. 
Thanks for listening.  Oh the part about me being a b*tch today?  Desi's Karaoke downloads is a freaking rip off.  Whoever is running this disgusting piece of chit site should have their "privates" held over hot coals and slowly cooked.  Desi's Karaoke is stealing money from unsuspecting people and I wish I could meet them face to face.  Which, of course, will never happen since one can't even get a real response from a real person.
Please, please...before you buy anything online do searches, lots of searches to find out whether it is a reputable seller or a rip-off like Desi's Karaoke.
Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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