Thursday, November 24, 2005


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Happy Thanksgiving!


Now why in the heck did I wake up only 3 hours after I fell asleep?!  This freaking insomnia is gonna kill me!  It's been like this for awhile now.  I don't know how much longer I can keep going on so little sleep.


I've also lost about 8 pounds without even trying to.  Funny, because with all the baking and candy making I've been doing you would have thought I would have gained about that much instead of losing it.  Of course, at this point 8 pounds doesn't mean a whole lot, lol.


So after going to the grocery store yesterday, and spending money that we didn't really have to spend,  (cross your fingers that the check doesn't hit the bank till after the paycheck on Friday) I spent about the whole day baking and cooking.


I made about 40 Pecan Tassies (tiny miniature pecan pies) and I am hoping that will be enough.  I made a Pumpkin pie and an Apple pie.  Aimee and her cousin, Melissa, helped me do a bunch of chocolate covered pretzels.  I made another 100+ meatballs and the sauce.  I put them in the crockpot with the cocktail weiners, so tomorrow, uh today, I just have to take it out of the frig and plug it in.  I made my heated Spinach Artichoke dip (I think this is the best batch ever).


I have a small round table set up in the dining room.  I covered it with a table cloth and some lace.  I set a small wooden shelf, about 2 feet tall and 2 feet long, on top of the table.  I put lace doilies on the shelves.  This is the dessert and candy table.  I have 5 different cookies, fudge blossoms, surprise-filled cookies, cut-outs, macaroons and chocolate-butterscotch chip cookies.  There are buckeyes, chocolate covered saltines, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered peanut butter crackers, hard candy, rocky road fudge and chocolate-peanut butter fudge.  There is a small little birthday cake for my Mom, tomorrow is her birthday.  The pies and pecan tassies.  Div is bringing a huge cheesecake.  


I will have to take a picture of it all tomorrow.  It looks really nice now and I don't even have everything on it yet.  The Main course food will be on the dining table and all the appetizers on the buffet area. 


Oh, I pick up a bouquet of cheap white flowers yesterday.  I then put a bag of cranberries in my clear vase, added water &  put in the flowers.  It looks really nice.  I just wish I had a few little red flowers too.  Perhaps for Christmas I will do it with a dozen white roses and about 6 red roses.  I think that would look really beautiful.  Hmmm, I wonder how much roses are running these days.


Oh well, lol, I haven't even gotten through Thanksgiving yet and I am already thinking about Christmas!  It's 3:09am...I amreally gonna hate myself tomorrow.  But I am so wide awake, I hate this insomnia crap.


Sascha, I got your card today.  Thanks hun!  I really needed that.  By the way, the little thing about getting my Christmas stuff out and getting ready to decorate already...uh yeah, the lights have been up for about 2 weeks, lol.  It is crazy around here I tell ya! 


We got a couple inches of snow yesterday.  Do people forget how to drive in snow, or what?  There were so many accidents yesterday it was ridiculous!  Parts of I75 and 475, which both create like a circle around Toledo, were shut down or down to crawl yesterday because of all the accidents. 


Right now the snow is melting.  But we are suppose to get more of the stuff tomorrow and Friday.  Y-i-p-e-e...


Well, I guess I should try to go back to sleep.  Or at the very least, rest for a few hours before I have to be up.


Have a wonderful turkey day everyone!

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