Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some "stuff" & Mouse~part 2


Okay, first I want to share a recipe.  I think I had this on my previous journal, but I'm going to post it again.  I call this...

Sneaky Veggies Pasta Sauce  

3 lbs. cheap hamburger (I get a 3# pkg at the store real cheap)

1-2 onions depending on size and taste preference garlic or garlic powder

1 can green beans

1 can carrots and whatever other veggies you want to add, as many as you like

2 cans tomatoes or some fresh tomatoes

2 cheap cans of spaghetti sauce (I usually get a can for about 89 cents)

Italian seasoning to taste  

I begin by chopping the onions and browning them with the hamburg in a large skillet.  If I have fresh garlic on hand I toss some of that in too, if not, I add a few dashes of garlic powder.

While the meat is browning, I put the tomatoes and other veggies into my food processor and let it go till it is all chopped up.   

When the meat is done, drain the fat.  Put the meat in a large pan, mine probably holds about 5 quarts.  Add the veggie mix and the cans of prepared spaghetti sauce and whatever extra seasoning you choose.  

I like to let this simmer all day long.  Yes, this is an extremely large batch.  I reserve some to serve that evening and freeze the rest in several containers.  I serve it over spaghetti noodles.  Or I make some pasta noodles and layerit with the sauce & cheese, then I bake it for about 20-30 minutes.  

I am able to serve the family those much dreaded vegetables and they don't even know it!  Yea for mommy getting one over on the kids!  

Now this next recipe is for a homemade gift.  These are the kind of things I like to make a big batch of and put in glass jars.  If you live on a tight budget like me and like to give homemade gifts, this is a good idea.  Or if someone stops by during the holiday season and you think I wish I had a little something I could give them...just put a bow on one of the jars with a little card saying from "Merry Christmas from the so-and-so family".   

Hot Tea Mix  

9  oz jar orange glavor breakfast drink powder (1 1/4 cups)

3/4 cup iced tea mix with lemon and sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground all-spice

1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

Combine all the ingredients and mix well.  Store in airtight containers.  Makes 2 cups mix.

Directions to pack with mix:  For one serving, combine 2 tablesppons mix with 1 cup boiling water in a cup.

Okay, well that is it for recipes today.  How about I end with a Mouse in the House part 2, or rather the day following the wild mouse chase.

So there I was on Monday, post mouse-capades, trying to clean up the closet and the bedroom.  Attempting to put everything back into some sense of order, no matter how fleeting that order is.  There I was standing in the middle of the bedroom and it struck me...there was a big, fat, ol' mouse in here...ewwwww!

So I started stripping all the linens off the bed.  I grabbed anything that I thought the lil' critter may have touched or been near.  I was bound and determined to get all the mouse "cooties" out of my bedroom. So I washed.  I dryed.  I folded.  Even the bed linens that were up high on the shelf in the closet. 

Have you ever folded laundry with a rambunctious 20 month old who wants to help?  Let's just say it is an experience one doesn't forget, especially when your folding fitted sheets.  Probably wouldn't bother most people, but I am a tad bit anal about how I fold my fitted sheets.  I like to get them folded smooth just like the flat sheets.

We got through it though.  I think Rylie faired the chore better than I.  I know she had much more fun than I did.  She finished up laughing and clapping, I finished up sighing and feeling a bit tuckered out. We spent the rest of the day doing the usual nothing, blah, boring things we do in our day. 

Then, finally, the day was over.  It was time to settle down for a well deserved, and what seemed like a long overdue, deep  sleep.  Well, as deep of a sleep as you can get with a fitful 20 month old sleeping in the middle.  Let me tell you, that girl has one heck of a right jab.

Tuesday morning I was in a deep peaceful sleep.  Mmmm, it was...beautiful.  When suddenly I felt...wet?  My right hip was wet.  What the...slowly it dawns on me.  I can hear the ol' man in the bathroom getting ready for work.  Did I pee myself?  Awww, sheesh...what's going on here?  I sit up and realize I am all wet on my right hip and partially up the right side of my torso. 

I reach out and touch my recently washed sheets, which felt so good just a few hours ago.  Wet!  I look over to the middle of the bed.  There she is, sleeping peacefully, not a care in the world, right in the middle of a big wet spot.  The left side of her diaper has come loose.  It is just barely on her, held onto her one leg by the right side tab.  Yes, someone peed the bed, but thank goodness, it was NOT me!   myspace myspace graphics


Yes!  I still have bladder control!  I want to shout it out loud.  Instead I try to quietly (quiet as a mouse, lol) remove the bed linens without waking the sleeping pee-pee angel.  All went well too, at least until I tried to remove the half-on half-off diaper and put a dry one on.  Then my little nudist woke up and gave me a very dirty look.


Ahhh, the start of another glorious day here in my tiny little world.  This is the point where I had ended this story.  I had written it down yesterday in an email to myself so I could get on today and just go paste it in my journal. 

Oh, but the day continued and my sheet story did too. Rylie and I shared another one of our same ol' nothing, blah, boring days.  Lucky (sigh, insert sarcastic voice on the word lucky) for me, Rylie was full of an unusual amount of energy and didn't take a nap till after 4pm. 

Which means I couldn't let her sleep for very long and had to wake her up for dinner.  Which she chose not eat anyway.  The joy's of being mother to a child with her own mind. Eventually another ground hog day (movie reference) was finally over.  

Okay, the day was over for me, I always get tired first.   Rylie on the other hand was still going strong, hanging with daddy.    I was lying there on my freshly washed sheets, which I had just taken out of the dryer and put on the bed.  I just love the way sheets feel when you first put them on the bed, especially if they are still warm and cozy from the dryer. 

Suddenly a giggling child came into the room and over by my side of the bed.  Rylie Jo, and she wanted up.  Now, right now!  So I reached over and started to pick her up when suddenly I felt something cold...and wet!  Aggghhhhhh @#%$  

Yep!  Of course it couldn't have been anything simple either, like milk or water.  No, daddy had given her a cup (not her sippy cup) of RED fruit punch.  Momma was not happy!  My WHITE quilt is still soaking in the sink this morning. 

Hmm, funny thought just popped in my head.  That incident took place shortly after he read my mouse story yesterday.  Is it possible he "unconsciously" gave the baby red juice in a big girl cup.....nah, I don't, I won't believe it was anything like that.  So, hopefully that is the end of the "sheets" story. 

By the way, fat boy is still on the loose in the house.  Yikes!  What if he isn't a fat boy?  What if he is a she, and she is really fat at all, but preggers?!  Oh my gosh!  Okay, turn off thought process, stop thinking, stop thinking!  Fat boy, fat's just a big ol' fat boy mouse.  Okay, well ya'll have a great day. 


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