Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Tip--Keeping shoes clean

Here are some tips for keeping a variety of shoes looking clean.

Sneakers: Oh, those smelly sneaks! To deodorize them, sprinkle 3 tablespoons baking soda into each shoe and leave overnight; pour out in the morning. Also helpful: spraying a foot antiperspirant/deodorant inside the sneakers before each wearing. To machine-wash non-leather sneakers, first remove laces and pretreat stains. Toss into a cold cycle. Let air-dry or put into the dryer with several towels on cool-air cycle.   (Actually, my sister-in-law says if you put bunched up newspaper into the shoes, they will dry a lot quicker.  She swears by it.)

Flip-flops and plastic sandals: These are fun to wear, but the open soles get imprinted with grime. Keep them from looking too grungy with a regular scrub in hot, soapy water. Use a toothbrush on nooks and crannies. Or for a full scouring, put thongs and slides in an empty dishwasher, secured to the top rack with a clothespin. Remove after the final rinse and let air-dry.

Hiking boots: Cleaning boots after a day's hike will make your next trek much more comfortable. If just the tops are dusty, a shoe brush will do the job. But if the boots are muddy, let them dry completely. Then, after removing the laces, go over the entire boot with a soft toothbrush, scrubbing seams and hidden spots. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Let boots air out before re-lacing, and stick a couple of used fabric softener sheets inside to help deodorize. If the boots are leather, apply an oil or cream conditioner after cleaning.

Cotton espadrilles and fabric slip-ons: Dunking these in water is a bad idea: The shoes can lose their shape, and rope-covered soles may come unglued. If the cloth gets dirty, treat it with a mild spray fabric cleaner. Allow the cleaner to dry to a powder, then brush it off.

Winter salt on Leather Shoes: Make a solution of one part water to one part white vinegar, and use it sparingly on the shoes. Dip a cloth into the solution, and dab it over the salt-streaked parts of your shoes.
May have to repeat the cleaning afew times before all the salt is removed.  Salt actually can damage leather, so it's best to clean shoes as quickly as possible. Don't let the salt stains build up.

I've got to get moving here.  Rylie has another dental appointment today.  This should be exciting...the last 2 times we've been to the dentist they had to papoose her.  This time we have an appointment with the dentist who is able to use laughing gas on children, so hopefully we won't have to wrap her up in that straight-jacket contraption.  I think it is as emotionally hard on me as it is on Rylie.

Samantha's place is almost done.  As soon as we get the flooring down she will be able to move her furniture in and begin getting her home all set up.  I've got the before pictures and will be sure to take some after pictures to share with ya'll.

Have a really awesome Tuesday.
Jill Marie

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bhbner2him said...

Poor you, poor Rylie!  -  Barbara