Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cleaning Tip--Pet urine

Finally...AOL is letting me onto my journal and posting an entry.  Here is today's cleaning tip.

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Pet Urine on Carpet: First, blot up what you can with paper towels. Then, with warm, soapy water and a clean cloth, blot the area clean; rinse with clean water; blot until dry. Next, combine 1/3 cup white vinegar with 2/3 cup water and dab it on stain; rinse with clean water; blot until dry. Once the area is totally dry (at least 24 hours), sprinkle entire carpet with baking soda or rug deodorizer; vacuum after a few hours.
So I did a little research on the word "housewife" and found this little article at WikiHow, LOL.  I thought some of you might get a kick out of it.  I can't say, that as a housewife, I disagree with this too much.  It may sound old-fashioned, but I guess that's just me.
                                 How to Be a Good Housewife
A housewife is a woman who enters into a mutual agreement with her husband that outlines their division of labor. The husband works and earns income while the wife remains at home looking after the home and, if applicable, the kids. Many couples decide on this arrangement because they prefer it over other arrangements.

There's more to being a housewife than just picking up dirty socks and underwear. It's about creating a home environment that any man would love to return to, and if you take care of yourself as well? That's more than just bonus, it's the way to make a relationship work.

  1. Make sure you have meals on the table at a regular time. This doesn't necessarily mean the moment he walks in the door, since many men work different shifts. However, if he knows he can depend on you to feed him at a certain time, then he'll be much happier. If you learn how to cook, he'll be much happier, but if you're experimenting with a new recipe having a back-up microwaveable dinner just in case is always a good idea.
  2. Be aware of what your man needs when he comes home. Many men need space when they come home from a hard day at work, so if this is your husband or boyfriend, give him the space he needs when he arrives home, whether it is to chill out in front of the TV or to read the newspaper, let him decide. Preparing his favorite drink as he arrives through the door will only endear you to him more. Other men, however, wish to speak of their day before they relax. If this is the case, listen to what he has to say and let him give you cues as to when he's ready to listen to how your day went. Finally, some men like to spend time with his friends for some male bonding after work. Step back and let this happen as needed.
  3. Listen to what he has to say. Sometimes a man will want to gripe about his day and how his boss is a jerk or whatever. If you have some advice for him, ask him if he wants it, and if he says no, let it be.   *I happen to believe that this one is a two-way street.  He needs to give you time to unwind and talk about your day too.
  4. Keep the house tidy and pleasant. There is no excuse for your man to come home to a mess, so make friends with your vacuum and feather duster.  Amen!  I've seen too many women who don't work and yet don't even seem to know how to turn on the vacuum or pick up after themselves.  Then they wonder why their man b*tches all the time...DUH!!!

  • Maintaining your appearance, while not essential in being a housewife, does certainly help remind your husband that you are still a woman and not simply a housekeeper. Pampering yourself by taking care of your appearance will not only help you feel good about yourself, but the man in your life will notice as well. Wear makeup, if that's your style, and clothes can be both pretty and practical. Long, full skirts and well fitting jeans can do double duty as you go around the house doing the necessary chores as well as keeping you looking sharp for when your special someone comes home. Keeping your hair tucked up under a bandana during the day and giving it a brush through with a spritz of water or hairspray just before he comes home will help you feel like a woman even after a day spent scouring floors and toilets. He'll notice the effort, even if he doesn't say anything.

  • Do not become overly obsessed with keeping things his way. If you do this, you will risk losing your own happiness. Try to keep the two equal. Balance his happiness with your happiness.
  • Remember, you're his partner, not his slave. Your own happiness is just as important as his. Make sure he's pulling his weight in the relationship and taking care of you and your needs as well.

Mind you, I'm only saying that I agree with some of this stuff for women who have chosen to stay home and be housewives.  If you and your husband both work, then I believe that the housework should be split equally.

I also believe that whether you stay home or work, your feelings are no less important than your husbands.  You are just as important of a partner in the relationship, and your thoughts and feelings should be valued by him as much as youvalue his.

Just as you should consider him and what he goes through every day and what he needs, he should be just as considerate to you.  Just because we don't work outside of the home doesn't mean that we don't have stress and need to relax every now and again too.  Especially if you have kids and don't get away from the house much.  Being couped up 24/7 with children can get very stressful, and every now and again it is a much welcome break to talk to another adult.

I'm sure that there are some who are gong to think I am crazy and more old-fashioned than your grandmother, lol.  That's cool...to each his own.  Being different is what makes the world go around.

Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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ljat1 said...

Our solution for pet stains (with 3 dogs and 3 cats) was to remove all carpet and tile the entire house!!  LOL.  It works great here in Florida!  I'm lucky enough to have a husband who is so helpful around here and we both work.  Hope you're having a good week.  Blessings, Linda