Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trip to the mall

Here are some quick pictures of Rylie.  I just love that wee one!  We had fun.  I splurged and bought myself some perfume at Vicki's Secret and Rylie just loves that shopping bag.  She has been carrying it around all afternoon.  LOL  At least the girl has good taste.

After going to the mall we did our weekly "Ladies Lunch".  It's Rylies choice as to where we go...and as usual, she chose McDonalds.  The lettuce on my sandwich had been frozen and was all nasty.  Then when I bit into it I discovered that it was raw.  UGH!  So I got my money back and just ate some fries and a diet soda.  Rylie loves our "ladies luncheons".  Mostly she likes to tease Daddy that he can't go because he is a "boy".  LOL

Last night I taught her "Boys drool, Girls RULE!"  She keep telling Daddy that and laughing. 

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tpiez4me said...

She is so beautiful Jill!  Love VS perfume too!