Friday, July 14, 2006

Metal mouth

This is just so gross!  I thought that since Rylie was still sleeping, I would go and visit some journals.  But reading just makes this "vertigo", or whatever, worse.  I keep getting that nasty metallic taste on my tongue and then the light headedness and slight room spins. 
Although the room spins are bad and really mess me up...I think the metal taste in my mouth is the worse part.  It just tastes so dang awful and the fact that it nearly always comes just before a dizzy spell...oh sheesh...there it is again!  Blech, ewww, it is so gross!
Gotta go...I don't know if it is the computer screen or the letters or what...but I just can't stand this.  Lucky for me the Dr said these only last 8-12 weeks.  Y-i-p....oh I can't even fake it.


xomywayox said...

Sorry, I didn't know vertigo last that long. Get better soon.


mastersblynn said...

Sorry to hear you are sick!  Take care of our jillmarie!  Get better soon!!!!!

mikev009 said...

Are your fillings leaking?  Serious question.  ~  Mike

bhbner2him said...

I know a metal taste in the mouth is supposed to be a sign of some deficiency or overdose of some element in the body, but I cannot remember what or which?!?  Really need to get checked on this!!  -  Barbara

sharonsfv said...

Inner ear infection right?  Well, take it easy, the metal taste must be hard to take, maybe buy a couple pounds of tic tacs, I feel for you girl.

butterflies4me04 said...

YUK! I feel for you ..... I have been having my own problems with nasty mouth taste and staomach problems this week ... so yea I feel ya!


josephmaaz said...

I know exactly what "metal taste" you mean.  I am that way about swing sets. I even get shivers walking by swings due to my mind sensing the nasty metal taste.

However I have a suggestion; you could change your monitor's refresh rate. Many computer systems default to 60Hz. (Meaning, 60 times a second the screen is re-painted with colors). The human eye can acknowledge about 180Hz; but the brain gets tired of 60Hz. My comfort zone is 75Hz on my monitor. Microsoft has an article on changing your refresh rate (;en-us;311403&sd=tech ). I suggest not going over 75Hz as most monitors are not able to support that. The benefit of having a higher refresh rate is to have less eye strain. I know, cause I get to look at a screen ALLLL day LOL.

- Joseph Manna -
AOL Member Services, Tech
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pbabycatz said...

do u know why this is happening?

xxroxymamaxx said...

I hope you are feeling better!  Shelly