Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sascha and her dang surveys

Hey, here is another one of these survey things.  Sascha loves these things and sends them to me all the time.  I hardly ever have the time to do them, and of course the one I chose to answer is called the LONG survey.

Name:  Jill
Single or Taken: Taken
Happy about that? Usually
Eye color: Blue
Shoe size: 9
Height: 5foot 3 and 1/4inches
What are you wearing right now? A pair of Rays pj bottoms and a gray tank top
Where do you live: Toledo, Ohio
Righty or lefty: Righty
Can you make a dollar in change right now: I think so
Kind of pants:  Jeans
Animal: The human male
Drink: Gin Lemon Seven
Month: May, because I can start planting flowers in my garden
Juice: Orange
Favorite cartoon character:  I don't really care for cartoons, didn't really like them when I was a kid either. 

Have You Ever...
Given anyone a bath: C'mon...I'm a mommy 4 times over, lol. 
Bungee Jumped? Nope, but I think it would be a blast to jump out of a plane.
Made yourself throw-up? Yep
Gone skinny dipping? =D Several times.  Usually in a natural body of water, although last year I did skinny dip in Rylies baby pool too.
Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yep
Broken a bone: Yep
Played truth or dare?  Yes, amazing how much crazier it gets the older you get, lol.
Been in a physical fight: Yep
Been on a plane: Yep
Came close to dying:  From what Mom & Dad told me they thought I was going to
when I was in the hospital at the age of 2.
Been in a hot tub: Yep
Fallen asleep in school: I still have kids in high school, I take the 5th
Ran away: Nope, but I thought about it a lot
Broken someone's heart: Not that I know of.
Cried when someone died: Always.  Sheesh, silly question. 
Fell off your chair: Not that I remember, but I do remember laughing so hard at our Christmas party last year that I ended up falling on my bum and sitting on the icy sidewalk laughing.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Nope
Saved AIM conversations: I don't think so...although there were some I wish I had.
Made out with JUST a friend?  No
Used someone: I don't think so, but I'm sure I have in some way or another. 
Been cheated on: YEP

What is...
New fav:  Dove Energy Glow moisturizing lotion, oh and the new panties I got at Wal-Mart...they are soooooooooo comfy! 
Last thing you ate: An M&M cookie

Ever Had...
Chicken pox: yep
Sore Throat: yep
Stitches: I've had 3 C-sections...lots of stitches
Broken nose: no

Do You...
Believe in love at first sight: Sorry Sascha...but I don't.  I believe that you can see someone and feel an extremely intense attraction to them, but when they open their mouth that could all change pretty quick.
Believe in long distant relationships: They might work for some, but I don't think I could handle it.
Like school: Sure!  I love when the kids go back to school, LOL!
Question yourself:  Constantly, nearly every moment of every day.
Who was the last person that called you?  Ray's mother
Who makes you smile the most: My kids...Rylie is at a real fun age right now, learning lots of new things so she makes me smile a lot these days. 
Who knows you the best: Samantha Dawn

Do you...
Do you like filling these out:  To be honest...not really, but I love Sascha and usually skip doing these things, so every now and again I try to make sure to do one. 
Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: Yep
Do you get along with your family?  Ummm, well...all of them?  LOL

Final Questions...
What did you do yesterday:  Swept and mopped the kitchen floor, laundry, re-arranged our bedroom furniture (again), ran the vacuum in the bedroom, living room and dining room, cleaned the kitchen appliances.
What car/truck do you wish to have: Anything that is in good condition, runs well, is paid for and is in my name, lol.
Good driver: Yep.  Only 1 speeding ticket and that was 17 or 18 years ago.
Good Singer: I don't think so.
Have a lava lamp:No
Are you double jointed? No
When you last showered: This morning
Scary or Funny Movies? Funny
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Rootbeer or Dr.Pepper: Diet anything
Summer or winter: SUMMER
Silver or Gold: Silver
Diamond or pearl: Well, I have my ears double pierced and I am currently wearing a pair of pearl earrings and a pair of diamond earrings.
Sprite or 7up: Their different?!
Coffee or tea: Cappuccino
Phone or in person: Depends on who and what the conversation is about.

Today did you...
Talk to someone you liked: yep
Buy something: yep
Get sick? no
Talked to an ex: NO
Miss someone: Yes!

 Last person who....
Slept in your bed:  She's still there...shhh, Rylie fell asleep while I am here on the computer.
Saw/heard you cry:  Probably Cathy
Made you cry: No need to go into that.
Went to the movies with? LMAO!  Ray and it was the H2O Halloween movie...sheesh how many years ago was that?
Said "I Love You": Ray


Ever been in a fight with your pet? was Ray's dog...she was always eating my clothing.
Been to Mexico: no
Been to Canada: yes
Been to Europe: yes


Do you have a crush on someone right now:  Several...Matthew McCaughnehey, Kasey Kahne...oh and my baby, Ray too! 
What book are you reading right now:  I think the last book I picked up was called "It's Potty Time".  It's pretty cool, when you push the little button it makes a flushing sound.  LOL 
Best feeling in the world? When my kids are happy & when Ray walks up behind me and kisses me on the back of the neck and says "I love you"
Future KIDS names: ?!?!?!?!?!  If there were to be another one it would probably be something like Oh Chit!
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes I do, so what?
What's under your bed: ShoesFavorite sports to watch: Nascar is the only sport I watch
Favorite Locations: Beach
tattoo's or piercings: yes
What are you most scared of right now? Nothing is coming to mind at this moment.
Do you have a job? LOL, I'm a Mom and a housewife...I don't have a paying job, but I do work.
Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with: Who hasn't?
Are you lonely right now? No.  I pretty much enjoy my alone time.  But I do get to the point where I need to be around friends or need someone to talk to.
Song that's stuck in your head right now? Well, since we just had the Disney channel on, it's the theme song from Hannah Montana.
Have you ever played strip poker: Yep
Have you ever gotten beat up?Nope
Have you ever been on radio/TV: Radio when I won tickets to a Phil Collins concert.
Have you ever been in a mosh-pit: no
Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you? Yep


what color is your underwear right now? Lime green
Whats the first things you notice about the opposite sex? I'd like to be philosophical about it and say "eyes are the window to the soul" like Sascha said, but I like a nice looking bum.
Your Favorite Food? Lobster
ever get so drunk you dont remember? I don't think so.
Are you too shy to ask someone out?Yes
Hugs or Kisses? Both
dogs or cats? Neither, I'm allergic to both
Favorite Flower? Whatever is in bloom.
Have you ever fired a gun? Good Lord NO!
How many pillows do you sleep with? 2 and a big stuffed rabbit
Who are you missing right now? Sammi
Do you think (any of) your ex(s) miss you?Hahahahahahahaha, not at all.  Well, maybe one...every now and again.  LOL


Tosay we went to a festival at the Our Lady of Lourdes.  They had rides, games, food and music.  It was a real nice time.  I wish we would have had a babysitter for Rylie because Ray and I would of liked to stay and listen to this one singer. 

Here is a picture from today.
Image Hosted by
Well, I just moved Rylie into her bedroom.  She slept all night last night in her own room.  I am hoping for the same results tonight. 

Good-night & Hugs!


xomywayox said...

This is a long one, now I know more about you. Thanks


pookyluvsu said...

Cool survey, I might do this one. Great picture too.

Hugs, Angela

butterflies4me04 said...

That is one long survey ... I might have to try and do this one!

Thanks for sharing!