Friday, July 28, 2006

Win a bedroom sweepstakes

Okay, me a hopeful fool because I spend probably 15-30 minutes a day entering contests and sweepstakes.  This one I got in my mail today is being sponsored by Febreze.  The grand prize is a new bedroom suite, a high-quality sheet and comforter set, and a design consultation from the Home Mavens.  If you click on the link I am providing and enter and I win the grand prize, you will win the second prize, a high-quality sheet and comforter set.  Hmm, they didn't say if I would win anything if you were to win the grand prize, lol.  Anyway if you would like to enter please click the link.  Thanks.

Febreze Sweeps


1 comment:

butterflies4me04 said...

GOODLUCK with all your sweepstakes ..... I know I never win anything so I have given up on trying