Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cleaning tip and positive affirmation


A cleaning tip, or two, that you may find useful.  As I say on my Web page, these are tips that have been emailed to me, or that I have found on the Internet.  I have not tried all of them and do NOT guarantee their effectiveness.  If you do try one and it works, or if you have another one that works for you, please let me know.

The particular cleaning tip refers to laundry.  I don't know if this one works, it is one that I've seen on the web but have not had the chance to try it out.  If you've ever heard of this, tried it, or perhaps know of another way to get these stains out please leave a comment.  Thanks!

White-Out / Liquid Paper and Permanent Marker Stains: Dab some sunscreen over the stain and rub off with a paper towel. Repeat until stain is gone.


This is a copy of my horoscope from the Daily OM

October 17, 2006
Thinking Ahead

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

The praise others offer you today can make you feel substantial and accomplished. While you may feel the warmth of kind words from your loved ones and peers as intensely as you feel the sun’s rays, your mood of positivity can potentially be shattered by a single critical word. This can be a good day to remind yourself that while you may enjoy the acknowledgment you receive when your efforts have been met with success in your professional and personal lives, such recognition is often short-lived. If you validate yourself and take pride in your endeavors today, you will likely find that you no longer need to rely on others’ respect and esteem because you have gained the ability to appreciate yourself.

Understanding that outside validation is fleeting can help us strive to cultivate lasting self-respect and self-esteem within ourselves. Though the thought of reveling in feelings of pride can be a discomfiting one, it is the acknowledgment we give ourselves that motivates us to always strive to eclipse our past accomplishments and continue growing as individuals. When we take pleasure in the praise we receive from others while also recognizing our achievements for their innate value, we can enjoy the glow of success and remain conscious of the fact that life will nonetheless continue to move forward. Our response to triumph will be to set new goals and begin our pursuit anew. As you allow yourself time to bask in your achievements today, you’ll feel compelled to dream ever grander dreams.

Interesting...something I absolutely need to work on doing.  If I spend a lot of time doing something around the house or a special project, I tend to sit and wait for Ray to comment on it.  If he just say's "yeah" or "that's nice" I feel kind of dejected, like I didn't do a really good job.  Or if he doesn't say anything about it or even say's something like "if you did it like this..." I feel angry.  As if what I did wasn't good enough, even though I may have spent hours working on it. 

Yeah, I definately need to work on being able to live without the praise or atta-girl from other people.  If I work on something and I like it and feel like I really got something good accomplished, then that should be enough.  Right? 

LMAO..."right?"  Nothing like looking for positive affirmation about not looking for outside positive affirmation.  I am such a dork, lol.


The email I received recently from Spark People had this to say about positive affirmation from others...

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you, too, can become great."
~Mark Twain, writer and satirist

Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

It's easy to recognize a perfect candidate for your support team. Just look for someone who has a way of making everyone else around them better: someone who succeeds by developing other people and letting them in on the fun; someone who is genuinely happy when other people succeed. That's the person you want on your side. The pages of history are heavy with tales of the misguided who were proven wrong while insisting something couldn't be done. Why put up with that? Believe in your goals enough to know that you shouldn't stomach people who don't. It's okay if you're the only one who believes in your dream. But someone who truly believes in YOU should help you believe that if anyone can do it, you can.

So this is what I am taking from the combination of the two articles.  We should all try to surround ourselves with the kind of people that encourage us, rather than those that make us feel bad about ourselves or try to quash our dreams.  But the most important voice that we hear and should really pay attention to is our own.  We need to be our own biggest supporter and cheerleader. 

Oh, goodness sakes...I always sound like a "Sappy Sally" after reading this stuff.  LOL

Have a good one!

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bhbner2him said...

God bless.  When it comes to housework and appreciation from men.....the two seldom meet.  But chances are when he's somewhere else and the subject comes up, he is likely to say, You should see how Jill Marie does it!  She really put the shine on.  -  Barbara