Saturday, October 7, 2006

A few pictures of Rylie Jo

Here are a few pictures of our baby, Rylie JoLee.  The first is one that I took of her yestereday as she was standing on top of her daddys belly.  He kept going "oh, umph, oh", and she would just laugh and laugh. 

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The others are some that I took today, just about an hour ago.  I had raked the leaves yesterday and still had to finish bagging them today.  Well, daddy thought it would be fun to encourage Ry to go jump in the leaves and start throwing them.  Yeah, at first I groaned a bit because I knew it would mean more work for me.  But she had so much fun, it was worth it.

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Doesn't it look like she was just having the most fun ever?  Hey, Grandma Corral and Grandma Blossom...these would be some good pictures to print out.  Well, just in case you want a picture of the most beautiful and hard headed little girl in all of North America.  LOL

Have a great day...and go jump in a pile of leaves!  : D


pippa1116 said...

those are great pictures.  and thank you for sharing them with us!

trishaham said...

Just LOVE her little apple cheeks! Beautiful photo's. Thanks for sharing.


bhbner2him said...

Makes me want to be little again and enjoy the pleasures of a pile of leaves!  She's just a doll.  ;o)  -  Barbara

amyrangei said...

How cute!  I want to play in the leaves now!!!