Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It is a quarter till 4 am.  Rylie threw up last night and began running a slight fever which has slowly climbed all night long.  She is up to 101.5 right now.  She is congested and having trouble sleeping, which in turn means I am not sleeping.

I just gave her another dose of children's Tylenol.  I hope it starts to work so she can get a little relief.  Her whole tiny body is just burning up.  I know that a fever is actually a good sign.  It means her body is working on fighting off an infection.  But that baby is just so miserable and my heart is breaking for her.

She is sleeping in the recliner behind me right now.  I think it is better than the bed because she is kind of propped up and I think its easier for her to breathe that way.  She kept sounding like she was having such a hard time breathing in bed, then it got so quiet I thought she quit breathing.  But then the labored breathing would start again.  Occasionally she'll start to cry or "fight" in her sleep.

She just woke up again.  I changed her diaper.  Soaking wet...a good sign.  I'm trying to keep her well hydrated.  If the Tylenol doesn't start to give her some relief, in the morning I'm going to try switching to Ibuprofen.  If that doesn't do anything and the fever continues to climb I am definitely going to call the doctor.  Not that I trust that quack over at the clinic.  I hate it when medical people talk down to me.  Or put me off because I don't have insurance.

Well, I will see ya'll later.  Good night, sleep tight.


pippa1116 said...

i am sure you already know that, but, she can have ibuprofen after two hours of getting a dose of tylenol.
ibuprofen always worked better then the tylenol with my girls.  
i hope Miss Rylie feels better soon and that you BOTH get some rest!

bhbner2him said...

Like your other comment said, I often piggy back tylenol and ibroprophen to bring down Bug's fevers to a tolerable level.  I know it is hard to watch them sick, but in a way, fever makes them be still and rest.  101 is not dangerous for a child.  Praying it's nothing that can't clear up soon.  ;o)  -  BArbara