Saturday, October 14, 2006

Drive through mastectomies?!

Our health care system and the bureaucracy that runs it sometimes just totally infuriates me.  I wonder...if a man had to have his penis surgically soon do you think the insurance companies would hustle his butt home.  It really has me wondering. 

Please go to this link> Breast Cancer Awareness - Petition and sign the petition to allow a woman and her doctor to be the ones to decide whether she should recuperate in the hospital or at home.  Thanks! 


Just as I was about to call Sam and check to see how Rylie was doing and when she would be coming home, I saw her car pull up.  Apparently the separation anxiety was only on my part.  Rylie did just fine and had a great time.  I'm glad, I want for the two of them to be close and have a good relationship. 

Rylie loves Sammi so much and Sam just adores and loves Rylie to bits.  As Sam was getting ready to leave Rylie ran over to the hallway, threw her arms and legs against both walls and tried to block Sam's exit.  LOL It was too cute.  Then she stood looking out the front window, as Sam drove away, crying and yelling "Hammi!  Hammi!"  Yep, she calls her either Tam or Hammi.  LOL 

Have a good night.  I know I will sleep soundly tonight with my baby girl back in the house.


redpoppy007 said...

AWWE How sweet that she wanted her to stay..
Thanks for the info I will pass on to my friends.
It is a is that they want to send a woman home that soon.

pippa1116 said...

that is so sweet!  i hope you enjoyed your time too....