Saturday, November 18, 2006


I am in a "mood" today.  Here are some things about me that I thought I would share with ya'll.
Things that make me sad...
Knowing that Sascha (my dearest friend) lives so far away.
My kids growing up and thinking about all the things we didn't do when they were little. 
The financial situation that dad left mom in when he died.
The thought that I may die before Rylie grows up.
When someone criticizes the way I try to keep our home organized.  Or my weird need to keep things clean and rearranging the furniture when I do a thorough cleaning.
When someone attacks me for doing things differently than they would.
Love songs---yes, some actually make me cry.  Today it was "Like red on a rose" by Alan Jackson.
Being isolated at home with no vehicle.
Realizing that 10 years ago I had many, many friends but since I've moved to Toledo I have very few.
Feeling alone and isolated.
Things that make me smile...
Getting a chance to drive the car, it makes me feel free for a moment.
A phone call from Sascha, even though I am so bad about calling her up out of the blue.
My momY
My kidsY
Hearing another person say "I love you" to me


bhbner2him said...

Oh, sweetie, you are down in the dumps.  You have to let go of the sad things of the past, ignore the things that may never come to pass and take action to change the things that you have some control over.  Go play a game with Rylie and soak up the moment!  ;o)  -  Barbara

pippa1116 said...

I feel that same way about driving a car. ALONE, that is.
take care

mastersblynn said...

focus on the good when the sad pulls your smile down! :) Barbara

amyrangei said...

I think that keeping your house clean and organized is a GOOD thing, I feel so good when the house is cleaned up.  Focus on the good stuff, you have so much good stuff :)