Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good news!

YEAAAAAAAAAA!  The doctor did NOT hear a heart murmur on Rylie today!  I could not possibly be any happier. 

I asked to make an appointment for myself when we got there to get refills on my scripts.  Luckily they had a cancellation and took me this morning while we were there.  Unluckily, my blood pressure is still up.  So they upped my scripts.  The doctor also ordered some blood work. y-i-p-p-e-e..blppphtt!  LOL

But the most important thing is that Rylie is fine.  Her ears look better and NO heart murmur.  He even said that it was so faint the last time that he put a question mark next to it.  Thank the Lord!  And all your prayers and well wishes.

                                       {{{happy dancing}}}


pippa1116 said...

funny about those heat murmurs.  they can come and go.  
take care of that blood pressure.  
take cae

bhbner2him said...

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!  So glad to hear Rylie seems to have no problem.  Be sure to take care of her Mama for her.  ;o)  -  Barbara