Saturday, February 3, 2007

FREE Drug Card

I just wanted to pass this information that I found online to everyone.  I was recently looking up some information and came across this site called Free Drug Card .  I don't have insurance and we are not able to get Rylie onto Ray's insurance until this coming May.  So finding this site was a true God send for me.
I usually have to go all the way downtown, to the Health Department, to get my prescriptions at a reasonable price.  However, the wait is usually an hour (at least).  There are some medications they don't carry and you don't find that out until after sitting there for an hour, or more.  If my Dr appointment happens to be late in the afternoon, I may not have time to run downtown to get the prescription filled.  So it is really great that I now have the option of using this card and being able to go to the pharmacy to get medications.
You can go to the site and print out 2 cards.  They have a link for each card where you can go and find the pharmacy nearest you, you can also look up the price of a prescription.  The savings with the drug card is really, really good.  I would really recommend that everyone go and check out this site and print out the cards, whether you have health care coverage or not. 
Happy Saturday!

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