Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey ya'll!

LMBO!  It is too funny to hear the news people refer to this little snow blast as the "blizzard of 2007".  A blizzard is what hit us when I was a kid in 1978.  Now that was some snow!  Our front door, which had about 4 steps leading to it, was blocked with snow.  We had to melt ice and boil it on the stove to have freash water.

Since Tuesday, over the past 24-36 hours, we have gotten from 7-14 inches of snow.  Of course, the problem has been the blowing and drifting.  There are some spots in the yard where there are several inches of snow.  However, right next to the house it may be 2-3 feet high from the drifting.

We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, children...for Valentines Day.  {{{sigh}}}  I can't remember the last time the two of us went out alone.  I was really looking forward to it.  I wanted to go to Red Lobster, the first place we went to on a date.  Not that we aren't going to go, Ray say's we will still go out to celebrate.  It just might be a day or two.  YEA!

So I just wanted to get on and apologize for not posting yesterday,  I was preparing for our lil' blizzard.  Here are a few messages for ya'll from me.

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Image Hosted by Well, not really.  That would be Ray, but since the diet started I sure am missing little things like this.  Mmm.

I hope you have the best Valentines Day ever.


amyrangei said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  


alilcountrycharm said...

LOL~ I remember the blizzard of '78 too. I was 8 yrs old and school was out for a week. All the kids on our street had a blast
sledding and having snowball fights. This winter storm is nothing in comparrison! Same conditions where I live, some hilly parts are really deep with about 11-14 inches but most of of yard and the roads are probably only 4 inches. Do you live in Oh? Today is my kids first day back to school and they're on a 2 hr delay. Nice picture, looks like the kids had lots of fun. Winters here just aren't what they used to be :o(