Friday, December 14, 2007

Long day...

What a long day.  I got up around 6:20 this morning.  I had to wake up Rylie around 7 am.  We had to be in Point Place by 8:45 for her evaluation by early childhood development.  Rylie is not an early riser, so she had a rough day.

I left a little bit early because I wasn't exactly sure where I was going and I didn't want to be late.  We found the building and still had about half an hour until we had to be there.  So I took Miss Rylie to McDonalds for a hot (and what I had thought would be fast) breakfast. 

It wasn't very busy there and they only had about 4 or 5 people working.  I thought we would be in and out in no time at all as there was only one man in front of us ordering.  However, the cashier didn't seem to know what she was doing and rather than take our order and let the others fill his, we had to wait 10 minutes for him to get his order before she even took our order.

Then it was another 10 minutes to get our food.  It's not like we ordered everything on the menu, just an egg and cheese bagel, cappucino, cinnamon roll and chocolate milk.  I don't know...maybe she had to milk the cow.  We finally got our food and had a few minutes to eat before we had to leave to get back to the building.

There was a psychologist, a speech therapist and a pre-school teacher there doing the evaluations.  There were also 2 little four year old boys being evaluated.  The kids basically played while the adults watched, asked questions and took notes.  Then they took the kids for hearing screenings and the speech therapist spent some time talking one on one with each child.  There was some motor skills testing and after a little more than 2 hours we were done.

Each parent had a separate meeting with the group of teachers and found out about our kids.  Although Rylie is a bit behind on her speech and some of her motor skills they don't consider it severe enough at this time to enroll her in any of their special education classes. 

They said that Rylie is actually doing fairly well.  Her speech is a bit delayed but they think that the more time she spends with children her own age the more she will pick up.  They gave me some ideas to help her with her speech and improve her motor skills.  They also suggested we enroll her in a pre-school setting so she could spend more time with kids her age.

They were impressed with how she handled herself with 2 boys a bit older than herself and her ability to stand up for herself.  She did spend alot of time jumping from one thing to another and a lot of time on her own (away from the other kids).  But I kind of liked the fact that she didn't just go along with the other kids and did what she wanted to.  She did start off talking in a whisper, but as she got more comfortable in her surroundings she started talking in a louder voice.

Luckily she did not have any melt downs, lol.  They did notice that she would walk up and take whatever toy she wanted...even if another child had it.  And when one of the boys would ask her if they could play with a toy she had...she hugged the toy tightly and just looked at them. 

They said that at this time she doesn't qualify for their help, however if we are still concerned in 6 months, we can have her re-evaluated.  We were really pleased with the results and happy to know that the things we were concerned about weren't really that serious.

As I said, Rylie is usually a late sleeper in the morning so she in conked out on the sofa right now...looking like a little angel.  Me?  I'm thinking about hitting the hay too.  I'm getting up early tomorrow morning to make it to a store Grand Opening.  I'm hoping to be one of the first 50 customers and get one of their little gift baskets.

The snow is suppose to hit tomorrow, from what I understand just 1-3 inches the first day.  But by Sunday night we may haveas much as 6-8 inches.  Rylie heard us talking about the snow and layed down on the floor and began practicing her snow angels again.  LOL  She just jabbered on and on about the snow. 

Well, have a nice night and stay warm!
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