Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cleaning tip--Keeping ants out of the house

Good morning!  Here are a few tips to help keep the ants out of the house.  Of course, prevention is the best method.  Make sure you clean up spills right away and keep the floor clean.  If there are no spills or crumbs for them they won't have a reason to come inside.

Ant Repellant:

  • To keep ants out of the house, find where the ants are entering the house and sprinkle a "barrier" of cinnamon or any type of ground pepper to block their way. The spices are too hot for the ants to cross.
  • Cornmeal can be used as a weapon against ants, and it's not poisonous to people or animals. Ants eat it and after consuming water, the cornmeal swells inside their digestive organs, causing them to die.
  • You can also apply scents and substances that ants simply don't like for various reasons: vinegar, peppermint oil, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper, whole cloves, and bay leaves. Some of these might be harmful to pets and irritating to curious children.

Yesterday Rylie and I went and picked up her niece.  The two of them played all afternoon.  Aubreigh is only 19 months, but Rylie calls her "my best friend" and really seems to enjoy playing with her.  Aubs is going through a bit of a biting and hitting stage, but we only had one incident yesterday. 

Of course, I didn't see it but Rylie did come to me and nark on her niece.  I could see the welt on her head, so I called Aubreigh over and asked her to say "sorry" to Rylie.  She did and then I asked her to kiss Ry's boo-boo and make it all better.  Which she did, so they were cool and went back to Ry's room to play.

Ray got home and we decided Breakfast for Dinner sounded good.  I made homemade waffles, bacon and eggs.  Rylie ate a bit and Aub's took about 2 or 3 bites of bacon.  Mostly she kept her eyes on Papa and seemed a bit intriqued by him.  LOL

An hour or two later I took Aubreigh home and Rylie had a fit.  She did NOT want her "best friend" to leave.  LOL  I'll have to talk to Stephanie and see if she wants to take the kids to the Zoo with me one day next week.  We could pack a lunch.  I think the kids would really have fun.

It is supposed to be humid and "sprinkly" today.  I'm hoping very few sprinkles so I can take my lil' diva to the pool.

Have a good one!
Jill Marie


swmpgrly said...

I had them inside my peanut butter jar...dont ask me how.

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