Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home remedies--stomach acidity

Good Morning!  Whats not to be cheerful about?  It is Thursday, just one more day until Friday and to top it's a beautiful day outside.

If you suffer from a sour stomach here are a few home remedies to try.  Of course, if you're like keep a big ol' bottle of antacid tablets next to the bed.  Those chalky lil' boogers are a life saver for me.


Take one piece of Clove and suck on it slowly. This will give you relief from acidity and also help in reducing the onslaught of diseases arising out of acidity.

Try drinking tea.  Green tea has been used for centuries in Japan as an after dinner drink. Green teas aid the body in the digestion process, and help soothe the stomach's sensitive tissue.

Herbal teas containing even trace amounts of peppermint, chamomile, ginger, licorice root and catnip help the stomach lining repair itself. Often, one cup of tea following dinner is enough to stave off future heartburn episodes.

Many find that ingesting ginger with a meal helps to reduce suffering and stomach upset. Fresh ginger can be ground and added to foods or taken in tea or capsule form.  Herbalists recommend consuming 500mg. of ginger with a full glass of water after each meal.


It Could Be an Ulcer

If you're experiencing heartburn regularly for no apparent reason, it's time to call your doctor, says Samuel Klein, M.D.

How regularly? As a rule of thumb, "two or three times a week for more than four weeks," says Francis S. Kleckner, M.D. Although heartburnis most usually caused by simple acid reflux, he cautions that it can also be a sign of an ulcer.

Heartburn accompanied by any of the following symptoms, says Dr. Klein, should be checked out by a physician fast. It could mean you're having a heart attack.

Difficulty or pain when swallowing
Vomiting with blood
Bloody or black stool
Shortness of breath
Dizziness or light-headedness
Pain radiating into your neck and shoulder In addition, know that heartburn caused by simple acid reflux is normally worse after meals. If your heartburn worsens before meals, it may be a sign of an ulcer.

It's been a pretty good week for us.  Nothing special, just the normal everyday boring life.  Yesterday Rylie and I went on a cheerleader outfit search.  I promised her last month that if she began sleeping in her own room, and kept it up for 2 weeks, I would buy her something special. 

Well she wanted a cheerleader costume.  She's been sleeping in her own bed for a month now (thank you Lord) and I figured I better keep up my end of the deal.  We finally found a little Ohio State cheerleader outfit at Wal-Mart.  At first she didn't want it because it didn't have any pom-poms with it.  I told her we would find some somewhere.  So now the search is on for pom-poms.

She looks too cute in her new little outfit.  I'll have to get a picture of her.  I tried to teach her how to do a lil' cheer, but she said "No have to go like this.  Cheerleading, cheerleading, yeaaaaa CHEERLEADING!"  As she waved her arms about.  Uh...okay...LOL

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful week so far. 
Jill Marie


naperdillygirl said...

Aren't they just too cute when they think they know sooo much more than mom?  I recently saw some Ohio State poms at Target (we live south of Dayton) maybe try there?  If you can't find them there, how about making some out of white trash bags (cut them in half/make strips on both sides leaving the center whole then fold it in half and tie it can also add some red and silver ribbons to make it more OSU!  If you wanted you could add dowel rods for sticks so she won't get "sticky paws" tangled in the plastic.  All the best to you....Sue

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