Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cleaning Tip--Sticker removal

Good Morning!  First of all, the cleaning tip:

Stickers, Decals, and Glue: To remove them from furniture, glass, plastic, etc. saturate with vegetable oil and rub off.

Things went well last night.  I spent most of the time training on the computer with a book.  Practicing examples of cash sales, credit sales, gift card sales, returns of various sorts, etc, etc.  Then I walked around, cleaned and straightened things.  Which made me feel right at home, lol. 

The registers are very computerized and I think I understand it all.  I just hope that I get it all down before the mad Christmas rush begins.  Right now the store closes at 9pm, but as Christmas get closer I think it will close at 10pm.

I only had one dizzy spell, as I was standing there talking to one of the managers.  I just reached down to hold onto the counter and tried not to let it show.  The next spell hit me as I was driving home...in the dark...with Ray's car...the stick shift.  I just breathed real deep and hoped it would be a quick one.  Which it was...thank God.

So I got home and this is what I found.  The dishwasher had been emptied and the load of clothes I left in the dryer were folded.  The living room was clean (usually Rylie has toys strewn all over in the evening).  Ray and Rylie even went to the grocery store and bought our turkey for Thanksgiving.

Of course, they also picked up a lot of other things, lol.  Including, but not limited to, a toy for Rylie, candy for Daddy, candy canes for Rylie, an apron for Mommy.  Actually, I am fairly surprised at the small amount of candy they brought home.  Usually whenever Daddy goes to the store there are several bags full of candy and junk.  LOL 

Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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chevyz71gurl74 said...

Glad everything went well on your first day!

Back in may i was having lightheaded and dizzy spells alot so much it scared me into going to the Dr...and come to find out i had high blood pressure....I am now on meds for it... With diet and exercise I am hoping to eventually come off of them.

I do hope you go to the Dr. to see exactly what is up, being dizzy feels awful and can be scary!  Keeping you in my prayers and hope the dizziness fades soon!


pookyluvsu said...

I'm glad you ahd a good first day. Don't you love it when others pitch in every now and then. Have a good week.

Hugs, Angela