Friday, February 1, 2008

A few pictures

Well, we got snow.  And snow means a perfect opportunity to go out and take a few pictures.  I didn't go too far, just around the neighborhood.  As usual, I took about 7 or 8 pictures and got about 3 that I really liked.

Here they are after I did a wee bit of editing.

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This is the slide down at the playground.  I removed some of the color because the red and yellow of the slide was just so stark against the white snow.

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I know this one is really going to distort the size of my journal, but I really liked the effect of making this wide.  I didn't really make it wide, I removed portions of the picture (in its full size) from the top and bottom.  It was just a lot of empty space anyway.  I love the way the sky looks kind of lavender and the snow reflects it.

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This is my favorite.  It's just a dead tree, but I really like the starkness of this.  You can almost feel how cold it was outside today from the cold look of that gray sky. 

I miss getting out and taking pictures.  I really have to try to find the time to do this more often. 

Have a great weekend! 
Welcome to any new readers & hugs to all my friends! 

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swmpgrly said...

I think I like the last 1 best too

pookyluvsu said...

Those are great. You take really good pictures. I do have a question though. I ahve been wanting to take some photos I already have on my computer and I am wanting to turn them black and white and then put some color in with it. So that it's mostly b&w with popping color on certain spots. My question is do you know how to do that to pictures. I can't figure out how and don't really have a clue where to start.

Hugs, Angela

rdautumnsage said...

Love the bottom picture! It's as if even the trees are pleading to the heaven's for Spring to come. (Hugs) Indigo

bhbner2him said...

It is pretty, but I'm glad I'm in warm, muggy Texas today!  -  Barbara

monicasmemoirs said...

Beautiful photographs, the bottom is my favorite.  

I will say I'm glad I'm sitting fairly close to the fire place and have some warmth as I was looking at those!


slapinions said...

I think the wide pic is great, a really nice shot.