Friday, February 15, 2008

Song challenge winner!

Remember my little song challenge a few weeks ago? Well, I finally finished my home movie today.  Well, the project is saved, I still have to put it on a DVD and make copies for my brothers and mother.  It usually wouldn't take so long, but I had to wait to receive pictures from my brothers.

When I listened to this one song I could picture my father dancing.  I could almost hear him singing.  I don't know if I ever heard him sing, but this particular artist just reminded me so much of my father for some reason.  Maybe it's the era...I remember hearing him as a child.

The winner is Barbara-bhbner2him-one of her journals is .  She suggested I use Elvis Presley's song "Memories".  I listened to it and it was exactly what I needed.  As I said, I would make a little something special for the winner.  I hope she likes this.  Here ya are Babara...

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Thank you for suggesting the perfect song and congratulations Barbara!

I had so many pictures I wanted to use, so I also added the song "One More Day" by Lonestar.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to use that song...but I figured we all have our own reasons that we'd like to have the chance to see my father for just one more day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Welcome to any new readers & hugs to all my friends! 

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PS~This is a one of a kind graphic made special just for Barbara.  Please don't ask me for one.  I hate to say no to anyone but I didn't even bother to save the design without her name on it. 


monicasmemoirs said...

That sounds like a wonderful song for your project.  I'm glad you found the right song.


manda2177 said...

Great choices!  I'm sure its beautiful!

God bless-

bhbner2him said...

Jill Marie......I am speechless!  It is the most beautiful Elvis graphic or tag I've seen!!!  And I'm so happy I was able to suggest something that helped you make your home movie a little more special!!  Sorry I was so long coming by to see!!  We have just gotten a new computer....every time I am on it, I'm busy setting up things and features on it..........and the rest of the time it's one of kids on it.  I will adore and treasure my Elvis tag!  -  Barbara