Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines, Home remedy--upset stomach and what flower are you?


I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love, peace and happiness.

Here are a few quick home remedies for an upset tummy.

Stomach Ache

  • A simple cure for a stomachache is to dissolve 1 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon in 1 cup warm water, cover and let sit for 15 minutes, then drink it like tea. This remedy can also ease diarrhea and flatulence.
  • Fill a clean white sock 3/4 full w/white rice. Tie the top in a knot. Place in the microwave (about 1 minute or so) till it becomes very warm, not too hot, to the touch.  Place it on the stomach. After about 10 mins the ache should have disappeared or at least made it feel much better. This is also great for cramps! You may even add a small amount of your fav potpouri, cinnamon,lavendar,etc to the sock,for a beautiful smell to help relax you!  Some people store these in the freezer and use it as a cold pack for sprains, etc.  ***Make one just for your child and let him/her decorate it with markers and call it their "boo boo" buddy. 
  • Try eating yogurt. It contains bacteria your stomach may lacking.
  • If your simply suffering from flatuence, try laying on your stomach, maybe even put a small pillow under your tummy.  This often helps the gas escape.  Just keep a bottle of air freshner close by. 
  • Did anyone else read the AOL welcome screen link "Roses are for love, Tulips are for..."  It was a fun little article.  Here's most of it in case you didn't read it.

    Gift Ideas -- Find Your Valentines Flower Personality

    Rose: Romantic
    Slipping little love notes into your lunch and never missing a chance to say 'I love you' makes this ultimate romantic Valentine a true Rose personality! These classic cuddlers love to hold hands and surprise you with candlelight dinners or walks on the beach! Roses represent a rainbow of emotions, from true friendship to deep passionate romance, and your Valentine expresses each of these emotions beautifully. A Rose personality can be trusted to use their vivid imagination and affectionate nature to create a Valentine's celebration you'll never forget.

    Tulip: Glamorous
    Simply irresistible and totally spontaneous, that's a Tulip personality! They love the limelight and often cause a stir wherever they go! It s not unlike a Tulip personality to whisk you away for a romantic weekend in the mountains or suddenly show up at your office with a limo and champagne. Always the trendsetter, just like the flower itself, this fun and flirty Valentine keeps you on your toes, but will make it an action-packed celebration from start to finish!

    Lily: Sincere
    Charming, witty and always easy to talk to, the Lily personality is someone who is always sincere. There's never a question about where you stand with this Valentine one look and you know. An old-fashioned romantic at heart, expect your Lily Valentine to do those little things that mean so much, like carving your initials in an oak tree, inviting friends over for a night of laughter and board games, or creating a Valentine s dinner filled with music and romance.

    Orchid: Wild
    Exotic, adventurous and oh so mysterious, expect your Orchid personality Valentine to have you wondering what they're thinking one minute and caught in their passionate embrace the next. Everything about them is unique and unexpected, which is why the Orchid is often a risk-taker and a daredevil. Whether skydiving out of planes or bungee jumping at the Grand Canyon, a romantic relationship with an Orchid is anything but boring!

    Daisy: Sentimental
    They saved the ticket stub from the first movie you saw together and they know without question the song that played the moment you first kissed. Your Daisy Valentine is as sentimental as they come, but that's what you love about them the most. Their sweet, caring nature makes everyone around them smile. Generally shy except for when it comes to showing how much they care for you, this sentimental Valentine always knows just what to say.

    Carnation: Devoted
    This Valentine is not only the love of your life, but they're also your best friend! A Carnation personality is true blue, lovable, reliable and loyal. There's nothing phony about this sweetheart what you see is what you get! You can share your deepest secret and know it's safe with them. A Carnation personality listens not only with their ears, but with their heart. Let this great communicator teach you the language of love this Valentine's!

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    Me?  I'm a Daisy through and through. 

    They are such simple and happy flowers.  I have shasta and Alaska daisies growing in my yard.  I love them!

    Yesterday was project day for us.  Rylie made a glittery heart mobile (with a bit of help) for daddy.  It was 4 different colored hearts that hang down on a string.  Each one has a word on both sides.  "I LOVE YOU DADDY"  She had a lot of fun making it. 

    I was even inspired to make him a homemade card.  On the front it says "FATE-something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune."  The inside says "Ray, You are not only my love and soul mate, but you are my FATE.  Love, Jill"  Ahhh, isn't that sweet?  I should work for a card company, lol.

    Have a wonderful Valentines day!
    Welcome to any new readers & hugs to all my friends! 

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    monicasmemoirs said...

    Sonny has always gotten me carnations.  I like what they mean. :-)

    I told him from the start I wasn't a rose type of girl.  I liked variety more than anything.  Usually when I get flowers from him there are a lot of carnations mixed with some other pretty flowers.