Saturday, February 16, 2008

Toledo is going to hello (minus the o) in a handbasket...

Yes, I said it...Toledo, Ohio is going to hello (minus the o) in a handbasket.  Not only that, but good ol' carlton finkbeiner is handing us over with that nasty smirk on his face.  Have ya'll heard his latest?  Yeah, I usually takes him a few months to make national news after one debacle.  This time he decided to bless Toledo just days after telling the Marines to get the hello (minus the o) out of town.

Our mayor fink(beiner), the man who is supposedly a person our children are to look up to and emulate, used the "f" word on a Detroit radio station.  You can read about it in our local paper here: The Toledo Blade or you can read about it at United Press Inernational .  Whoopee, ol' monkey face is getting Toledo all over the news once again. 

I don't give a flying fleece how worked up you are carlton.  There is absolutely no excuse for a man in your position to use profanity.  Especially not on the air where goodness know's how many children may hear it.  As the mayor of Toledo, fink(beiner) should be held up to a higher standard than any other citizen in this city. 

The use of vulgarities shows how ignorant a person is.  If you can't come up with a different word to use, it just goes to show how little you use your brain.  "F"-word substitutes: frick, flake, freak, fleece, frag-it, flock, flick, flack...getting the idea big boy?  Yeah, big boy...little man.  Come on fink(beiner), stop using the profanity and start using your brain.  I don't know...maybe you used up all your brain cells coming up with the idea to send the deaf to live next to the airport.   

I expect to hear profanity from thoughtless teens.  I expect to hear profanity from rude people.  I expect to hear profanity from a drunken sailor.  I don't expect to hear profanity when I turn on the radio to listen to the mayor of Toledo.  Unless your thoughtless, rude and drunk...I don't know...hmmm.  Was that the problem carty?  That sure would explain a lot.  

That would explain why you remind me of a certain relative of mine.  He was a drunk for most of my life and he had that red tint to his face like you seem to have a lot of the time.  You've got the same nasty attitude he had too.  Where you seem to think the world revolves around you, and only you.  Where you talk AT people, not to them.  You've got the same laughable excuses for you idiotic mistakes too.  You know, the excuses where it's not your fault and you find some way to blame it on someone else, anyone else or everyone else.  Hmm, I think I'm onto something here.

In my humble opinion...carty fink(beiner) is an ignorant little man who can't control his temper or his tongue.  Poll!  Yep, time for a poll.  LOL This should be fun.

I hope ya'll had a terrific Saturday.
Welcome to any new readers & hugs to all my friends! 

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Well, sugar!  I almost forgot this fact...major fink(beiners) spokesman, Brian Schwartz was just suspended for 15 days without pay for using the same vulgarity off the air when speaking to the same radio show's producer.  I don't know...seems like ol' fink-face should be dealt some consequences for his potty mouth too.


swmpgrly said...

he sounds like a donkey anis to me

monicasmemoirs said...

How pathetic - HOW can he be a mayor?


frankandmary said...

I knew nothing of him before I read an article about this, but it was a TERRIBLE misuse of his power.  I'd be much more afraid of untrained Marines than Marines training in my area.