Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toledo mayor carty finkbeiner needs surgery to remove his empty little head from his arse!

Yep, once again our mayor finkbeiner has proven that it is possible to get your head stuck in your arse.  He once again needs an assindectomy.  He's worse than a toddler that won't keep his finger out of his nose.  Not only does carty pick his nose (figuratively speaking) but he eats it AND does it, apparently proudly, for all the world to see!

If you don't know about our mayor, and my thoughts on the little weasel, you can read more in a post I made in October.  It is in the second half of the journal entry.  Now, I'll get on with the mayors latest stupid stunt and my opinion.

Our infamous mayor of Toledo, carty finkbeiner, needs to remove his head from his arse and learn how to keep it out of there.  Once again, he has shoved, not only his foot, but entire leg, into his fat and uncontrollable mouth.  He must be the most arrogant and ignorant man in the free world.  I cannot imagine how he managed to get into office, yet again.  Didn't the citizens of Toledo learn their lesson the first time around with this number one azzhole?

Here's the story (for the few citizens of America who haven't heard about it)...our illustrious mayor kicked United States Marines out of the city of Toledo.  He actually gave them until sundown, well he said 6 PM, to get out of Toledo. 
The Toledo Blade story is HERE.

Carty based his booting of the Marines on the fact that they were going to be holding war games in a building downtown and he thought it would "scare" the citizens.  IDIOT!  It was already cleared with the Toledo police department.  They have held their war games (it is a teaching process, not really a game) in many cities across the country and I don't believe any other mayor was egotistical or stupid enough to kick them out of town.

An important fact is that no one that has been interviewed by the news has said that they would be scared.  All of our citizens, that I have heard or read about, said they wouldn't be scared and that they support our troops.  It appears that Carty is the only one who was crying in the corner, probably pizzing, his pants with fear.

Now, once again, Toledo is making the national news with the story about how our big mouthed, idiot, brainless, rude and unpatriotic mayor kicked the Marines out of the city.  Anyone wonder why we have lost business to neighboring counties?  Or why our young people have left the area?  They call the young folks moving away "The Brain Drain".  Um, excuse me...the real brain drain seems to be down at One Seagate Center, the location of the mayors office. 
Anyone unclear as to my position on this?  Well, here is a copy of my letter to the editor (The Toledo Blade).  I emailed it today which means, knowing The Blade, that it will probably be printed in 2-3 weeks. 

Oh, I need to preface this with the fact that yesterday the mayor attended some "function" and went off about how anyone who thinks he isn't patriotic is just a big baboon.  Yeah, doesn't our mayor finkbeiner just impress you with his speaking abilities?  Personally, I'd rather be a baboon than a jackass, which is what our weasely little mayor is. 

How ironic that he used the term baboon.  Let me file through my memory here...um hmm, this coming from the same man who referred to our Fire Chief Mike Bell, who happens to be African American, as King Kong.  Oh my, it seems that our mayor is expanding his vocabulary to include even more primate names.  Good boy, carty. 

Now let's expand your vocabulary even more.  Look up the following words: Lunatic, Imbecile, Maniac, Flake, Crackpot, Neurotic, Dimwit, Dolt, Fool, Moron, Simpleton, Dunce, Buffoon, Bonehead, Dunderhead, Ignoramus, Nincompoop, Numskull, Jerk and Jackass.  I'm sure that it won't be long before carty's ugly mug is pictured next to all these words and probably a few more.

So here is a copy of my letter to the editor.
    As far as I can tell there is only one baboon in the city of Toledo...Carty Finkbeiner!  He claims to supports the Marines, but his actions say otherwise.  Once again his big mouth has put Toledo in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons.  I don't remember any other mayor in the history of Toledo who has been able to get our city into the national spotlight so many times with his negative actions.      
    If Toledo needed the support of our troops because of a natural disaster or terrorist threat you can bet they would be here to help us.  Yet Carty turned those Marines out of our city like they were dirty dogs.  He should be ashamed of himself.  I know that as a resident of Toledo I hang my head in shame almost every time he speaks.
    Once again Carty has portrayed the city of Toledo in a poor light.  I'm sure that will do wonders in bringing commerce to the area.  Does he ever stop and think before he speaks?  I am ashamed to be a resident of the city of Toledo yet again. 
    The economy is not the only reason I hope to move away from here as soon as possible.  Carty has only added to my list of reasons that Toledo is not the place I want to raise my youngest child. 
    My nephew is in the Army and my oldest son is joining the National Guard.  I would prefer to live in an area where their courage and sacrifice is appreciated and they are not turned out on the whim of a petty, nasty, thoughtless little man.
Please do usall a favor, Carty, either shut your mouth or resign!
Jill Corral
Toledo, Ohio 43615
I know ya'll are just so jealous that you're not living here in Toledo.  Come on, tell the truth...you'd be just so proud to live in a city where the mayor dis-honors the country's servicemen and women.  Where the mayor steals handicap parking so his dog can sit in the shade.  Where the mayor refers to one of the city's most respected African American men as King Kong.  Where the mayor physically assaults the citizens (John Skiadas) of the city.  Where the mayor suggests to send deaf people to live next to the airport to reduce noise complaints.  Where the mayor spends nearly $10,000 for a shower in his office while he charges citizens another $5 for garbage pick-up to cover the budget.  Where the mayor often goes off on rants where his face bulges and gets red (LOL as red as a baboons butt!) as he shouts at folks.  Yeah...me to.  I can't wait to get the heck out of Dodge.

Have a good day!
Welcome to any new readers & hugs to all my friends! 

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ppavis said...

Jill, I understand how you feel. It simply amazes me how some people get into public office. I have a great respect for our military. My neice and her husband have recently returned from their 2nd tour in Irag and my brother in law did 2 terms in Kuate. We, as a country owe so much to our Armed Forces. They put their lives on the each and every day for our freedom. I hope your letter helps.


jt62money said...

It's hard to get boss hogs out of office.

monicasmemoirs said...

Oh he's a real work of "art" isn't he!  Now I have to admit my Mr Big X would LOVE him.  That's how they get elected, by others who are like your baboon ... errrr mayor.