Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cleaning Tip--Counter Stains

Hello!  I have a 4 year old here so I am constantly dealing with stains on the counter froms spills dried up before I ever knew of them.  Hopefully this little tip will help with some of those stains.

Red Dye Stains
For red food dye stains on counters, like those left by drinks, use straight rubbing alcohol, enough to puddle on the stain. Leave it for several minutes and wipe away. Use a sudsy cleaner on counter after.

A quick warning, that we learned the hard way.  When using something like straight rubbing alcohol, or a product that has alcohol in it, keep it out of the reach of children.  Even if they aren't in the room!  When Ry was about a year old Ray was cleaning some electrical device and before he even knew she was in the room, Rylie had grabbed the bottle of rubbing alcohol and started chugging it.

Luckily she was okay.  Just...inebriated.  Yep, my 1 year old got drunk.  I called the poison control hotline and everything.  I was so freaking out at the time.  It is amazing how fast (and quiet) little ones can be when they want to.

Well, I'm going back to sitting by the phone.  I'm waiting on some test results to come back from my appointments yesterday.  Wish me luck. 

Oh!  I almost forgot I wanted to put this link on here.  You can go to the site for Paralyzed Veterans of America and get address labels and send an ecard to a veteran.  Look on the left side of the page near the bottom to send the cards.  I think this is a really nice thing to do and hope some of ya'll go there too.

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swmpgrly said...

my son got into lestoil when he was about 2, my mom was washing the floor and forgot to put it up out of reach.  Luckily it was only in his eyes and he hadnt ingested it , but it took a trip to the ER to find that out.