Friday, April 25, 2008

My Mom, a survivor and my hero

Four and a half years ago, just about the time I found out I was pregnant with Rylie, my Mother was diagnosed with rectal cancer.  My Mom is a beautiful and amazingly strong woman.  Shortly after her treatment ended my father died unexpectedly.

She survived the cancer and the sudden loss of her husband.  She has been free of the cancer for 4 years now.  I am so proud of my Mom.  Once again she is participating in the Relay for Life.  Please visit her Relay Page and make a donation, if possible.  You can also see a picture of the quilt she made to raffle off for the Cancer Society.  I'm not sure of the dimension's...hmm, but I think it is like a crib size or lap quilt.  I think.

She had it up here at Rylie's birthday party and it is really pretty.  I am sure if you live out of state and contact her to buy a raffle ticket for $1, or 6 for $5, that she will fill it out and mail you the other half of the ticket.  Then if you win she can just pop it in the mail, or you could donate it to

Okay, gonna go pop a couple Excedrin Migraine and lie down for a bit.

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pamal3 said...

So pleased your mother fought her battle and won. Sorry to hear of your father. I will pop over to the Relay page. I hope your migraine goes away fast. Those are horrid things. Love Pam xx