Friday, April 18, 2008

Sticky situation...

Ahhh, life's lessons learned the hard way.  Rylie loves gum.  Most importantly she loves the gum that her Aunt Cathy chews...Freedent.  I've tried buying her other gum when they don't have Freedent at the store.  She will stick out her tongue, lick it and then say "I don't like this.  I like Aunt Caffy's gum." 

Well, this past week Rylie and Ray made a trip to the conveinence store.  While there Rylie saw this "tape" gum.  It's bubble gum in what looks like a tape dispenser.  She just HAD to have and Daddy bought it for her.  Hm.  So she comes home, we open it and give her a slice.  She licks it..."Ohhhh, I like this gum!"  Okay.

About 15 minutes later I hear "What are you doing?  Moooooommmmmmy, you better come see what this baby has done."  (Yep, she's 4 and we still call her our baby.  lol)  So I go and look and what do I find?   My child has decided to put her gum...are you ready for this?  Nope...not in her hair.  She has taken it out of her mouth and patted it allllllll over her face.  We're talking sticky bubble gum here. what?  So I take her in the kitchen, thinking about how your suppose to take an ice cube and freeze the gum it to get it out of carpet.  Well sheesh, I can't freeze my kids face.  So I grab a wash rag and put cold water on it, hoping to get it stiff enough to pick off her face.  Ick!  That stuff was soooooo gooey!  That didn't work.

So I start to think about the trick for getting it out of hair.  Peanut butter, which works really good by the way (creamy not crunchy).  Well, I certainly wasn't going to smear PB all over the kids face.  Although how much worse was that than sticky gum all over her face?  So I grabbed the vegetable oil.  I put some on my finger tips and started rubbing it into her lil' face.  Thank goodness it started to come off. a strange and curious child like mine?  If they ever stick gum all over their lil' body go for the vegetable oil.  Send one pack of Freedent to me if you appreciated this information.  LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!

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swmpgrly said...

thanks for the peanut butter trick for the sure my grandaughter will be trying that soon enough

pamal3 said...

Lol. Oh the little lamb! Kids and chewing gum are such a bad combination. My wee treasure blows big bubble's very close to me then pops them and runs! lol. Love Pam xx

bhbner2him said...

Thanks for the tip!  Freedent is Bug's favorite gum too, as that is what her granny chewed and shared with her.  -  Barbara

slapinions said...

Yup, my wife goes with Olive Oil, but same diff. Works like a charm.