Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cleaning tip

Good Tuesday Morning!  Here's a few quick bathroom cleaning tips.

General Bathroom Cleaning:
Bathrooms can be a source for all sorts of cleaning problems. Keeping mildew under control in the bathroom can be a challenge. Try spraying a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water on the walls every six months to prevent mildew. Cut the seam off of the bottom of the plastic shower curtain to keep mold from growing there. Also, put a couple cups of bleach in the back of the toilet every few weeks to help control germs. Be careful that children and pets don’t come into contact with this water.

Bathroom Odors: Place an opened box of baking soda behind the toilet to absorb bathroom odors. Also put baking soda in the bottom of the trash cans to absorb odors.   Bathroom odors can be controlled by putting cotton balls filled with vanilla extract in bowls or under the sink.

Shower Doors: 1)Try using Resolve® carpet cleaner on clear shower doors to remove soap scum.

2) Make ammonia solution of 1/2 C. ammonia in 1 gal. water.  Pour solution into a spray bottle.  Spray the shower door.  Use a sponge or stiff bristle brush to scrub.  Rinse well.

Warning:  Keep room well ventilated while working!  Ammonia can irritate your skin, so wear gloves while cleaning with this solution.  Ammonia and bleach form a toxic gas when mixed together.  Do NOT mix the two cleaners!

3) Vinegar works well on soap scum, especially hot vinegar. Try heating up vinegar in the microwave, clean the microwave (as the vinegar will have loosened any stuck on food) and take the vinegar to the bathroom to clean the soap scum from the shower curtain and walls.

Shower soap scum:  Ifpossible change to liquid soap it is a better alternative over bar soap.  Liquid soap doesn't have any talc and talc is responsible for the build up of soap scum.  Talc only adds volume to the soap without adding any value to it.  Changing to liquid soap will reduce the frequency of needing to remove soap scum.

I'm going to go and upload some pictures to my photo journal now.  I had fun playing around with those last night.  I can't wait until things start to get a wee bit more green outside and I can get some more pictures. 

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by!

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pamal3 said...

Excellent tips. I love them. i once saw a programme on t.v. saying to use car wax on bathroom tiles every 6 months to keep them pristine. Never got round to trying It out! lol. Love Pam xx

swmpgrly said...

Do you have a hint for bacon odor...my kitchen smells like bacon and I cooked it 2 days ago.

jillannemarie said...

For kitchen odors, set a bowl of vinegar on the counter for a few hours.  This is suppose to be really good for eliminating the odor after you've cooked fish.  It wouldn't hurt to burn a lovely scented candle too.

Now, my kitchen is open to my living room, so I also go around and spray fabric items with my handy dandy bottle (from Dollar General) of generic odor neutralizer.  It's the same stuff as Renuzit odor neutralizer, it just cost a dollar less per bottle.  Some might call me cheap...I prefer "dollar conscientious".  

Jill Marie