Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've had this information sitting here for a while now, I wanted to post this and just kept forgetting.  I found this cute little video (from clicking a link in one journal and then another link in that journal, etc, etc).  I ended up in a journal called Almost Forty.  The writer is Pam and she's in the UK. 

Ever wonder what a hug from a big ol' lion would be like?  Well go check out the video Lion Hug.  It's kind of cute.

Let's see...yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and picked up my new BP script.  Yep, he upped it again...sigh.  Hopefully he will have reason to lower it again soon though.  While I was at the store I saw that they had generic nicotine patches.  Ray and I could share the 14 patches, which will last us a week, and spend less than half of what we spend on smokes.  So we put them on yesterday. 

I was really craving badly last night.  I finally grabbed a straw, cut it in half and was actually inhaling and exhaling.  Yep, I'm going to be one of those people...always with the gum or sucker or chewing on the straw, lol.  Oh well, if it works, it works.  Whatever I need to do to quit this nasty 25+ year habit.  I don't want to say the exact number of mom reads this and I might get grounded.  lol

There were times I've quit for a short duration.  However, living with a smoker makes it that much more difficult to stay quit.  Within minutes of coming home after Rylie was born, the first thing I made Ray do was to go buy me a pack of cigarettes.  Sheesh!  I could have been smoke free for over 4 years if I had been able to put up with Ray's smoking.

So here I sit, half a straw in my mouth, inhaling and exhaling off the little plastic stick.  LOL  I'll need to pick up some sugar free candy too.  Those little Dum Dum suckers are okay...way too much sugar for me though.  I love Life Savers sugar free wintergreen mints, I guess I'll get some of those.  I'll probably go through a bag in a day or two.  Better than a pack of smokes a day though.  I golly I really want a smoke right now.  The patch helps with the chemical addiction, so I don't know why I am jonsing for a smoke so bad.

LOL  I sound like some junkie.  Well, of all the addictions I guess I'd rather have this one.  At least I'm not stealing from family and neighbors. 

I'll just try to distract myself.  It looks like it's going to be a nice day.  I'll have to take Rylie out for a walk.  She can ride her bike or lil' car and I can take my camera to see I can get any good pictures.

Have a truly wonderful day!

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pamal3 said...

I think you are doing brilliant with the ciggies so far. I loved my smokes and wouldn't be told otherwise. I was on around 20 a day. My mister man stopped and shortly afterwards, after a guilty lecture from My wee treasure, I stopped too. I didn't think I could, to be honest. I don't have willpower and I really loved to smoke. It was hard, I replaced them with Earl Grey teabags and had a cup Instead of smoking. There Is a definate need for "hand to mouth". I have been smoke free for 1 year and 6 months. It still shocks me! lol. If I can do it, Anyone can. Mister man started again and out of respect for me, he only smokes In one room out the window. You need encouragement though. Email me if you like and i will do my best to keep you going. Each day Is a bonus.
Another lady who Is In the same situation as you is called Val, you can find her at: You should pop over. Anyway, sorry for taking up all this space. Thanks for popping me In the limelight! lol. Great video. Love Pam xx

suehertz said...

My doctor told me not to use the big straws but use the plastic coffee stirs, wow do they help, best of luck hang in there