Thursday, March 30, 2006

Home Remedy

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~Eat 10-12 almonds, the equivalent of two aspirins, for a migraine headache. Almonds are far less likely to upset the stomach.
~Drinking two glasses of Gatorade® can relieve headache pain almost immediately -- without the unpleasant side effects caused by traditional "pain relievers."

Rylie is way big into the kissing thing.  On occassion now, she has grabbed my face and pulled me in to give me a kiss.  Once she even bit my lip.  Today I was making brownies and she was standing next to the frig facing the wall.  I turned and watched her because I kept hearing her say "hey, hey".  She would say "hey" and then lean in and kiss the wall.  I don't know, I have no idea...and I'm not sure I even want to know what was going on in her mind.  LOL 

Then there was the "incident" this morning.  She started to drag her little chair into the kitchen.  "Uhm, no", I said, "you are not going to use your chair for evil purposes today.  Put it"  Oh mah gosh!  You would have thought I had just told her that I was going to shave her head and send her to boot camp.  She started crying and taking her chair back.  That's when I heard "Ow, ow, ow", as she kept looking over her shoulder to see if I was looking.

Okay, she SLIGHTLY bumped the chair on her foot.  When I say, "Are you okay baby?"  here come the tears and the howling.   "Aggghhh and OW" are all I can hear.  So I say "do you want me to kiss the owie and make it better?"  She thinks and then sits down and raises her leg and says "knee"...I thought is was the toe, but what do I know?  So I kiss her knee, and then she makes me kiss her foot, and all the toes, and then the ankle, then the other come all ten fingers!  LOL she was too funny.  But I guess it helped the "owie" go away.  Or rather she just forgot that she was pretending to be hurt, lol.

Have a great afternoon!  Hugs!

~Jill Marie

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cherubhugs said...

What a cute story about Rylie!  Thats adorable.  Gonna try that home remedie on headaches and see if it will work for me!

Have a great day  Ann