Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pictures of Rylie Jo

Gosh I love my baby girl.  Her hair looks like it is finally starting to grow a little bit, so she looks a wee bit more like a girl. 

This first picture I took of her about a month ago.  She keeps getting into this box of old baby things and taking things out to play with.  She grabbed this little hat that she refused to keep on her bald little head when she was a wee baby and insists on wearing it now.

At least it matched her pj's.  She also likes to play with the baby doll that she got for Christmas.  Lately she keeps stripping the baby dolls pj's off of her, lol.


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In the next picture Rylie is "taking pictures" with an old broken walkman that I've been letting her play with.  The one day she went around here "aiming" her little camera at Aimee and I like she was photographing us. 


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In this last picture she has found another one of those little hats from when she was a bald baby.  She was wearing it and as soon as I went to take a picture she tried to stick her little toy on her ear.  I think she thinks it is an earring or something.

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Gosh she has gorgeous blue eyes.  I took her to Wal-mart today.  Her second birthday is coming up on the 26th so I wanted to get a picture taken.  I put her in a denim dress and let me tell you, she looked too cute. 

She didn't take one bad picture.  The photographer even said he thought she would be hard to get a good picture of because she has so much energy.  But every single one was just perfect.  I wish I could have ordered all of them, but I only got 4 of the 7 pictures taken.  The whole kit and kaboodle would have been $250...yikes!  We went with the "cheap" package (still a pretty penny) and I picked my four favorites of the pictures. 

They will be back on the 6th.  I'll have to scan them and post them when I get them.  Don't worry Grandma' will get some as soon as possible.

Well, that's it.  Have a good night.  I'll see ya'll later!  HUGS!

~Jill Marie


michiganjewel said...

She is beautiful! I sure do miss my kids being that age. Enjoy her now because in a blink of an eye you will be fighting off all those little boys!

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