Friday, April 21, 2006


I am sitting here watching the ABC show Primetime called Family Minefields.  It is about step-families.  There is this one family with these (stupid, ignorant and outright abusive) parents, Joe the father and Lynn the step-mother. 

I am absolutely disgusted with the way these people are treating this girl, Kyle.  They are mentally AND physically abusive to this teen girl who suffers from ADD and depression.  There is one scene where they are once again tag teaming this girl.  This time it is about her grades.  Not surprising that she has trouble in school considering that she has ADD, but they can't seem to wrap their tiny little IQ challenged minds around that fact.  They curse at her, call her a F-ing little B-tch...I feel sick.  I'm not surprised she said she felt like throwing up...I freaking feel like throwing up.

When the evil, wicked, ugly freaking step mother is shown portions of the tape where she is obviously abusing the girl, she actually has the nerve to laugh.  I just want to smack the chit out of that woman! 

Oh, they just said that Kyle is 16 now and still living with her grandparents.  Thank God, for her own safety.  My Lord, my heart is just breaking for this young girl.  I fear for the safety and mental health of their other children. 

Practically every time they show a scene that the cameras caught in their house with the girl, Kyle, you can see the evil, wicked, fugly step-mother in the background glaring at her.  Even when Kyle is just being loving with the little kids or helping out.  I swear you can just see the hatred in that woman's face.

I mean, I know first hand that being the parent in a step-family is not easy.  Especially when it seems like they sometimes just push you and push you, trying to see what they can get away with.  But these people were just ridiculous! 

As far as I can see this people need to grow up and take responsibility for their actions and abusive behavior.  And they seriously need to take some parenting classes to help them raise their other children.  I wonder if they even realize howabusive their words are and the damage that they can do.  Not only were they abusing Kyle when they ATTACKED her the way they did, but in essence they were abusing the other children in the house who watched and listened to it all!

My wish is that tonight all children will sleep in peace and none will come to any harm.

Hugs and Peace to ya'll.  Jill Marie


usarmy4 said...

was watching tv last night it said in the future step parents will out number real ones but im proud tosay mine are all good atleast all but one which we wont mname at this time but livesin ohio no not  any of the wivesthey are all good but one is alittle.well we wont go there
god bless all have wonderfullday honey maybe even intime she will getbetter
maybe tome out willhelp her away from home

usarmy4 said...

hon iwrote something last night in your blog iwant tosay imsorry who ami to judge her she has to live her life  im not perfectmy ive made mistakes just hope things work out for him and her god bless lovemom

detjebea5 said...

I watched the same show and I was disgusted. They showed the father beating her and I started crying. I couldn't believe it. I agree with everything you said about them. It just broke my heart.