Sunday, April 9, 2006

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Comment from: monponsett
"Your husband taking you to Perrysburg, Ohio is grounds for anullment in all places except the suburbs of Perrysburg, Ohio."
Wow, I guess I won't mention the fact that I am from Bowling Green, God only knows how I would get slammed for that.
I guess, "poor stupid me", because frankly I would absolutely looove to stay at the French Quarter!  It's just not something that a budget like ours allows.  I guess where you seemed to focus on the Perrysburg part of that statement I was focusing more on a nice hotel, with the indoor pool, the hot tub, nice restaurant and all that.  Perhaps you would want to look for to some sporting event in P-burg (which you probably wouldn't find much of), whereas I was thinking more about spending sometime in the hot tub with a drink and then a sporting event of my own in the hotel room ; ) 
Although if I were really lucky, we would finish in a tie, over and over again, and have to keep playing until a winner was declared!  LOL
Oh well...maybe the honey will read this and get an idea for Mothers Day.  No Baby!  That does not mean that I want to go to some stupid basketball game, or watch golf or bowling.  Oh, maybe tickets to that we could talk about, lol.

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I was just playin'    B-D