Sunday, April 9, 2006

Weekend Assignment

Well, I usually don't do these things because I don't have time the time.  But I felt sorry for...well, actually I don't know if I was feeling sorry for the poor fella or his poor wife, lol.  So here is my answer to John's weekend assignment.


"Dear John,

Well, your located not far from me, here in Toledo.  I am thinking of this from what I would really, really love to have.  A quiet weekend alone with my honey. 

Make all the arrangements so she doesn't have to do anything.  Set up to have someone take care of your daughter for the whole weekend.  Make reservations, someplace like the French Quarter in Perrysburg.  Also pack a special bag, maybe a new one you buy for her, with a new PRETTY (nothing cheap or sleezy looking) silky nightgown, maybe some candles, and some pretty smelling massage lotion---and give her an honest to goodness great back massage.  (Don't be cheap and after 2 minutes say something crude like "wanna?" lol)

Now if you can still afford to after paying for a weekend at a place like the French Quarter...a nice little piece of jewelry would be the icing on the cake.  It doesn't have to be diamonds...just go look around and whatever "speaks" to you and feels like her...thats what you get.

That would just be the perfect weekend for me."


I can't wait to hear what he gets for her in the end.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Hugs!  Jill Marie

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monponsett said...

Your husband taking you to Perrysburg, Ohio is grounds for anullment in all places except the suburbs of Perrysburg, Ohio.