Friday, April 21, 2006

Summer is quickly approaching!

Okay, okay...if I am going to be completely honest (honest-schmonest...these people don't know...shhhh,lol)  Nah...I'll be honest, I went off my low carb life-style.  Yep, one little trip and I went azz over tea kettle back to my addiction...carbs!  I have had ice cream, Easter candy, bread...all kinds of crap.  I even gained back 4 of the 24lbs that I lost.  But I am here to say I am getting my chit together.  Sascha sent me a link and I am going to post it on here. 

It is suppose to offer the same type of support and what-not that e-diet offers, except at no cost to you.  Yep, it's totally free.  So I went and signed up.  Anyone else wanna try to drop another 20 lbs with me? 

Go here...

Join me at:

Get a Free Online Diet

Have a great weekend! 

Hugs & love!  Jill Marie


usarmy4 said...

have good day honey love you god bless

usarmy4 said...

dear you look fine just the way you are love ya god bless  mom b now ishould go on diet