Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cleaning grease

Good Tuesday morning!  Time for another cleaning tip.  I've found some more tips for cleaning grease, I hope you find these helpful.  I really like the last one, the skin so soft.  The last time I tried to use a product on my kitchen cabinets it almost took the stain off along with the grease.
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Kitchen Grease 
  • When I went to clean the hood of the stove exhast fan, it was covered with grease and accumulated dust.  The cleaner I had wasn't doing much good, just gunky it up and slightly moving it around.  So I put a little dishwasher powder on a wet sponge and used that.  It worked great!  It cut the grease and the powder acted as a mild abrasive without scratching the finish.
  • Ammonia - cuts grease really well
  • Washing soda - cuts grease and disinfects (For those of you who haven't heard of this I've included this link at Wikipedia that gives more information)
  • White vinegar - cleans grease
  • For grease on wood cabinets, use Avon original Skin So Soft bath oil. Wipe it down and the grease will literally roll up. It puts a great luster on the cupboards, the kitchen smells great.
Ohmahgosh!  This heat is just about unbearable.  I took Rylie to the pool yesterday, but it was almost too hot to even be outside for that.  She doesn't care though, she loves to play in the pool.  Although as soon as she gets out, and it doesn't matter that heat index may be 100, she start's in with the shivering and "I cold, I cold mommy!" 
So there she is, sitting under a blazing sun, almost 100 degrees, wrapped up in one towel, another one covering her legs and one over her head.  She is too funny.  Don't worry, I took plenty for her to drink.  I just left my own jug of ice water sitting on the kitchen counter.  LOL
Oh, and here are some recent pictures I made into a little "picture page".  Thanks to Shelly for sending out the request to her friends for fishing picture tubes.  I really appreciate the help and I think it turned out real cute.  I just need to work on being able to free hand draw a smoother line.  LOL

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How do y'all like that Bass?  That ol' boy was having no luck fishing at all.  He wasn't catching anything, broke a pole (mine, by the way) and was looking a bit like a child that lost his lollipop.  So on Saturday evening, as they were pulling away from the dock, I did a "fishing dance and chant".  LMAO  Then he came back with that big ol' Bass.  How funny.
Have a great day & hugs to all my friends!
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